The town shone, but did the tower ? 

I bet everytime you hear Pisa, you think about the Leaning Tower, which is the main monument and the reason why so many people visit this town.

So we arrived at the motorhome Sosta, paid our €12 and settled in, not a bad spot and only 20 minutes walk away from the tower.

After a quick lunch,we took a leisurely walk to the most famous ‘star’ in Pisa, the Leaning  Torre di Pisa. 

Pisa, Italy by motorhome
Ok we’re here for the same reason people have travelled here for hundreds of years, the Leaning Tower! 

In photos it always felt like the land surrounding the Duomo is so green it almost looks fake, and the angle of the tower itself is almost impossible 

It really is quite the site to see, but certainly not for the tower itself, which is just a complete understatement . 

We had loads more fun giggling at the various tourist’s posing at the tower, this never gets old does it?

And when everyone is just holding  up the tower, we needed to go one better – the jump photo. 

Jumping photo Pisa, Italy by motorhome
30 seconds  after taking ours, we glanced around listen to the ‘how do we take that question’ ……..

So I guess yesterday Instagram was full of people jumping in front of the learning tower ! 

Well you can either make fun or join in with the fun ! 

You have to give these people credit, they absolutely take their tower pictures quite seriously and we were just messing around !

Holding up the tower, Pisa, Italy by motorhome
Obviously we pushed the tower over, we held it up and we grabbed like a chess piece – tourist heaven!

Grab that tower, Pisa, Italy by motorhome
Ok joking aside …..

What’s interesting, the Tower of Pisa was simply the bell tower of the Dumo  It was doomed from the start though and before they even finished construction it began to lean.

For decades, engineers from around the world took a stab at fixing it. In 1989 the tower of Pisa was finally closed to fix the problem. The Tower of Pisa is now saved and still leaning for generations to see for years to come.

But Pisa is a whole lot more interesting than it’s underwhelming tower. To start with the rest of the square, the Campo del Miracoli or the Piazza del Duomo. ( umm notvreally sure what it’s called) . This is an amazing place because next to the tower you can also see the beautiful cathedral or Duomo, the Baptistry and the historic cemetery Camposanto monumentale.

Baptistery, Pisa, Italy by motorhome
Fallen angle.  Pisa, Italy by motorhome
All of these easily out shine the tower….

Just to the side you will find Tat heaven, stalls flogging every kind of, well, tat, you could want, each offering the same gumph there must at times be so many punters they all make a decent living. 

Which size tower, tat sellers heaven
And then we hit the Looky-looky men, how many time was I offered a faux Rolex ……

Moving away from the tower we found the center of this town very charming and beautiful. Full of more tall streets that just entice you to slowly meander….

Sexy lady Pisa, Italy by motorhome
A perfect place to take a coffee and admire the Palazzo della Carovana, the Cittadella, the little church of Santa Maria della Spina.

Pisa, Italy by motorhome
The river Arno crosses Pisa and there are some bridges where you can see a beautiful landscape, especially when the sun is giving way to the night.

River view Pisa, Italy by motorhome The 
So away from the tower the historic town is amazing  !

We spent our evening doing something very boring, we went to Carefour but not for Food we were on the hunt for Snow chains.!


Bonus pic with the M and M’s

M and M’s Pisa, Italy by motorhome
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