6 months on the Road.

Well where has that time gone ?

I guess the date of April 26, 2017 will be etched in our minds for ever !

It seems like only yesterday we made the post about leaving behind our previous lives and heading off into the sunset for an extra long tour of Europe.

With a tank of Diesel and a smile in our hearts we hit the road on a snowy morning heading off for an adventure.

To celebrate six months on the road, we have come up with our A to Z of places we have visited and experiences we have shared –

It was great fun for us reliving some of our memories too !

A is for Alloting.

We have visited a lot of church over the last six months, but the most stunning collection was to be found in one town, Altotting in Germany boast over 20 churches and is one of the major pilgrimage site in the world. If only we had known before we arrived.

Read the full  blog here.

Budapest Hollywood signB is for Budapest 
The city of many sides we thought that we could explore the city in 48hrs but we were so wrong

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C is for Cog Railway

The first day we arrived in Greece we got talking to a local who told us about this fascinating railway that cuts through a steep Canyon and to help it climb it runs on a cog drive system!

But what he didn’t tell us was that at the end was the most moving holocaust museum in Greece

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D is Diving a sunken City

It’s a few feet offshore and probably the most child friendly dive sight ever ! – what a way to introduce people to the underwater world !

See the video and blog here.

E is for EST! EST!! EST!!!

Ok, to be fair we both like a vino or two so What could be better than finding a local producer?

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F is for Free 
Freedom camping, wild camping, free camping call it what you like but by not spending out on campsites each night we have not only controlled our budget, but had the opportunity to camp in some of the most awesome locations in Europe!

After racking our brains we decided the best, was camped under the former Communists Headquarters on a Bulgrain mountain top !

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Greek beachlifeG is for Greek Beaches

Coming from sunny Devon in the UK, the roar of the ocean is an everyday sound, having lived only a few miles away from the sea all my life, I do really miss it !

The picture above is from a very lazy Sunday afternoon

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H is for Honeymoon (well a second one)

A long long time a go a boy meet a girl, they fell in love and got married- foolishly they chose January to marry, so they Honeymooned in a ski resort

So how could we resist when our road trip took us through Bulgaria and gave a chance to once again see the 360 view from the tv tower.

Read the full blog and see the video here.
I is for Imposing Meteora 
So we’ve all seen James Bond scale the impossible space like building in “for your eyes only” but until you arrive in real life you cannot understand how amazing these are !
We were so in awe that we even penned a ebook guide, read
the full blog and download a free book here.

J is for Journey

As a motorhomer it is always nice to see where others have stayed, so we have added all the GPS locations to a google map and if you click on a pin there’s a link to the blog we wrote whilst there !

Check out our maps page here.

K is for  Koblenz

The city we nearly missed, thanks to our Lonely plant guide telling us there was nothing to see, but a chance encounter with a nice chap called Ken, who pointed out the cable car…….
Thanks Ken, Read the full blog here.

L is for Lubjubana
Europe’s greenist and probably cutest city by far….

And it’s a dragon or two!

Read the full blog here.

M is for meeting other travelers
Someone once said that the best part of travel was the people you meet. For us it’s been no different, it’s impossible to list you all , but the ones who had the biggest impact and changed the way I was seeing the world- Karen from the Motoromers

And she introduced me to pink Salt !

Read my Guest blog on their website here.
N is for Naples

If anyplace could divide opinions then Naples would be it! The Italian city was everything people describe Noisy, Busy, Dirty

But we needed to make up our own minds

Did we love or hate Naples? – find out here

O is overcoming fear

I guess that’s what this whole trip is reallly about !

We left behind two good jobs, a lovely little cottage in a conservation village, a life of Caribbean holidays and no real money worries and for what?

Our leap of faith has been more than just travel, we have grown as people, we have overcome breaking down in another country where we couldn’t speak anymore of the language than ordering a beer and we survived !

We stepped outside of comfort zone and slowly we are getting ready for leading a better life!

The lessons we have learnt will last forever.

P is for Poured Concrete

Bulgaria stole a little of my heart and I’m not sure for the right reasons, I became fascinated, almost obsessed by the former communist monuments that are still dotted about the country !
I loved them so much I even created a FREE e-book, download a copy here.

Q is for Quickly through Luxembourg 

Being new to this travel life, we didn’t stop for more than one night in this tiny European country, but speaking to others- it’s got a lot to offer. So next time we will need to explore more

Read about the one night we spent in Luxembourg here .
R is for Rila Monastery 

This place only needs one word ….

WOW !!
Read the full blog here.
S is for State Opera House (Vinnea)

One of Michele’s must sees before we left and we even found out how normal budget travelers like us can see a performance!
Check out the tips in this blog.
T is Transfăgărăşan Highway 

I grew up watching Top Gear on a Sunday night (the old style ones), So when a chap called Clarkson drive up a mountain in a supercar and then named it the ‘greatest driving road in the world’ I just had to give it a go !
Read the full blog, with videos here.

U is for UNESCO

Who knew that Europe has so many UNESCO world heritage sites,and we visited a few – the latest one been the famous learning tower in Pisa, Italy.

Read the full blog here.

V is Vatican City

This place maybe the smallest state in Europe, but it has probably the longest queues in the world!

It an amazing place, but you could easily spend all day just waiting to get in.

Check out our ‘survival guide’ here for tips and tricks.

 W is for water, water everywhere 

If the last six months we have been fortunate enough to stay by some beautiful rivers, lakes and stretches of the coast

But one of the most magical was the fairy tale that is Lake Bled.

Read our full blog here.

X is for Welcome X

So this friendly family run caravan site on the edge of the Devon and Cornwall boarder was our base once we became “houseless not homeless”

It would make a great place for a holiday!

Check out there website here.
Y is for YouTube

So despite the fact we haven’t really got a clue what we’re doing , we have started to take all the little video clips we take and try ( defiantly just try) and edit them into Videos
Check out our YouTube channel here.

Z is for Zell 

Home of the black and magical spot directly on the banks of Mosel in German.

Also famed for its excellent wine.

Read how we spent a couple of nights in this fabulous spot here.

We hope you have liked, our favourite stuff from the last six months and here’s to the rest of our trip.

Obviously it goes with out saying, but thank you to each and everyone of you for reading the tosh I write on a regular basis and if you can’t get enough you can always follow us on our social media channels.

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