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Bremen and its magical fairy tale

Often overshadowed by its bigger and more flashier neighbors like Berlin and Munich, Bremen holds a unique charm that just deserves to be discovered.

So, pack your motorhome bags and get ready to embark on a journey to this Hanseatic gem, where the past and present intertwine in a captivating tapestry.

Alma, The Adria vision is parked with many many others in the amazing stellaplatze that this city has on offer, not the cheapest by any stretch but as it’s only a short stroll along the rivers edge into the city, it’s just perfect ! (N 53.0648, E 8.81902)

The start of our fairy tale route though a little of Germany, Bremen

Follow the footsteps of the famous fairy tale characters, the rooster, the dog, the cat,and the donkey – immortalized in a bronze statue in the market square.

Obvs. You need to Snap a selfie with these beloved icons and let your imagination run wild with the stories they whisper.

But this city is so much more than just a Fairy Tale…

Gaze in awe at the majestic Bremen Town Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Its intricate Gothic architecture, adorned with sculptures and gargoyles, tells the story of Bremen’s power and prosperity.

The Schnoorviertel, a labyrinth network of cobbled lanes flanked by impressive buildings at every turn , evokes a bygone era.

This time of year, you get something extra special as a bonus.

As the crisp air nips at your cheeks and twinkling lights dance in your eyes, you know you’ve crossed the threshold into a winter wonderland.

Welcome to the Bremen Christmas market, a dazzling tapestry of festive magic in the heart of Northern Germany, one of oldest and most atmospheric in the country, it fills the Market Square with fragrant aromas of mulled wine and gingerbread, and the joyous melodies of carols

This is a true German Gem, the city isn’t big and overcrowded and it feels like a German City in every sense.


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