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Not what we expecting on a visit to Bourtange.

Do you ever spot something interesting on the map and think- yea, let’s go there ….

With Alma the Adria, we have the freedom to make random decisions like this and just follow our noses.

On the map I had spied an interesting star shaped fort town and added to that some nice parking about 15 minutes away, we were sold !

Once again, joined by other motorhomes.

Assuming that there wouldn’t be many crazy motorhome dwellers floating around The Netherlands we set the Sat Nav for what appeared to be a quite little place – Bourtange.

Although we thought it was odd, that the little aire filled around us (N 53.0252, E 7.15767), we were expecting to go and visit a little fortified town for a couple of hours, but what we found was a never ending line of traffic, coaches squeezing into tiny spaces and people, more and more people !

It’s annual Christmas market in full swing.

For miles around, it seemed every one had descended on this tiny village.

transforming the historical site into a wonderland brimming with twinkling lights, delectable aromas, and heartwarming traditions.

Imagine traversing a drawbridge, entering a 16th-century fortress adorned with festive cheer.

The scent of warm Glühwein mingles with the aroma of roasted chestnuts, inviting you on a journey through time.

Wooden stalls adorned with twinkling fairy lights line the cobbled streets, each one a treasure trove of handcrafted ornaments, unique souvenirs, and mouthwatering treats.

The Bourtange Christmas market is more than just shopping and indulging. Imagine your Children’s eyes light up at the sight of a majestic carousel adorned with reindeer and twinkling lights.

Live music performances fill the air with festive cheer, while storytellers weave tales of Christmas magic in cozy corners.

And a few sheep, for Michele to pet …..

After soaking in the Christmas market’s charm, venture deeper into the Bourtange fortress. Learn about its fascinating history at the museum, climb the ramparts for breathtaking views

What a treat, we came expecting a fortress and instead we were instantly transported to a Christmas wonderland.


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