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A weekend away from the madding crowds

It’s been a funny old couple of days……

With the weekend, come the local tourists, so we have decided to leave the coast behind and head inland for a Saturday night of peaceful relaxation.

A quick flick though our ‘Park Up’ apps and we think we had hit on just what the Doctor ordered a Riverside view and pretty much nothing else.

So I guess it wound only be fair to write …..

It’s Saturday night and Verity the Volkswagen is Riverside, looking out at the mesmerising and mighty powerful river Siene, resting her wheels in a private aire in Heurteauville, (N 49.4481, E 0.8146)

Not much more than a traditional farming village which lies about 20km west of Rouen and is adorned with some of the most amazing half timber houses your likely to see in France.

So after a peaceful meander along the rivers edge for a few miles we were happy and relaxed.

Sunday saw torrential rain so bang went the plan of just sitting watching boats slowly punt past us and we headed off toward the Lorie Valley and some of its stunning Chateau’s

Verity’s resting place after 3 hours of typically stunning French D roads, is just outside Chateau Villandry (N 47.3394, E 0.507159) from the Van the mighty castle towers into the sky.

Sadly you don’t want to come and visit here at the end of November, as it’s closed to decorate for Christmas !

But it does truly look magnificent and is very much on the must come back and see list at some point.

Either way as we have no plan where we are going or where we want to be, it really doesn’t matter too much that the Chateau was closed and we had a nice slow drive on a damp and dismal Sunday afternoon and found a nice place to stop.


2 thoughts on “A weekend away from the madding crowds

  • Fiona Potts

    Can you tell me what type/model of VW you have and how you manage with “wild camping” without a toilet/shower? We’re currently looking at options and we fancy a VW, but are not sure how we’d cope. Apologies if you’ve done a van tour, but I can only find info about the Pilote.

    • The vw is not 100% ideal for wild camping, it’s easier to get into small off beat places, but as you say no shower is a problem, option wise the next size up (think adria twin) would probably be a better fit …


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