A lot of churches in Altotting..

Paloma our trusty motorhome is on a religious pilgrimage, parked at the free camper stop in Altotting, the heart of Bavaria, Germany. (N48.22946 E12.67497). We are free loading on the towns free WIFI.

Altotting is described as one of the Shrines of Europe, linking Itself with other Marian pilgrimage sites such as Lourdes, Loreto and Fatima.

So here we are following in the footsteps of Kings and Popes, making our very own trips to the spiritual centre of the Germany speaking world. 

Not knowing what to expect I was shocked by the fact there were coach after coach unloading people into what I though was going to be small ish town? Come on I say to Michele it will only take 10 minutes or so to have a quick look at a couple of churches. – How wrong can I be !

You could never describe me as religious, and when we named the site I never even gave it a thought that it might have religious connotations. I have certainly never been much of one for churches, I remember as a child once describing to everyone’s horror that Truro cathedral  would make a great pub !

A quick pop in the tourist information centre, leaves me with a map of the 8 churches, plus other sites. Thankful for us this is a compact little place, with the tourist information being in the Rathaus and in the centre of Kepellplatz (church square).

First off we are faced with the “Chapel of Grace”. The plaque tells us that it probaly dates back to 700. For such a tiny building it completely dominates the square. On the outside of the church there are many many strange plaques telling why each pilgrim has come to this chapel. It leaves me with an Erie feeling. Inside this funny little chapel ( no photos allowed) is where you will find enshrined the hearts of the kings including King Ludwig II.

To the side of this stands “Stiftspfarrkirche”, one of last gothic hall churches built in Germany. Upon entering its a much more somber place, more akin to an English parish church. The place has some fascinating statues depicting the crucifixion.

A few more churches visited and then we topped it off with “St Anne’s Basilica”, which is in fact a papal basilica, it’s oppulance is amazing, with probably the best organ I have or will ever see.

I’ve said it before but I going to say it again, WOW !, we are left with a feast for our eyes, the amount of money these buildings must have cost is beyond belief, thankful we picked today to visit as come the weekend it’s will be packed.

We also took the km walk out of Altotting towards Neuotting. A lovely wooded cycle path provided us with some much needed shade from the rays of blistering sunshine. Sadly this place is very much over shadowed by Altotting, but a lovely town to have a meander around to while away an hour or so. Had this been our stop for the night we would not have been disappointed, but we were spoiled by its close neighbour.

So yes I know, somehow in the last couple of weeks I have ended up in churches, monasteries the home of the passion play and now a pilgrimage site,- what has happened to me !


Bonus pics ………Found these in the middle of town !

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