A passion for Passau 

Paloma is sat overlooking the Danube river, in Passau, Germany. She is parked with 20 other  vans on the official camper park (N 48.574620 E 13.428820). Looking outside our door  we have trees, rivers and church spires, a view to behold.

The camper park is about 3km outside of the old town and once again the generosity of the town is providing us with a free nights kip!

We left this morning and trundled the 80km along the nice B roads of Germany travel at a nice steady 60km or so an hour most of the way. We managed to pass through the heavily armed guards just before our little bit of motorway driving. Well at least I can’t look too much like a trouble maker either that or they spied the dog and thought their not worth the trouble stopping.

As every motorhomer will know the once weekly trip to the friendly store that is Lidls is a must. Stopping in the carpark( taking up 2 spaces), Michele and I did the quick dash around to make sure we have enough provisions for the week ahead. Looking at the receipt I’m pretty sure she must have bought most of the shop ! 

Passau itself has quite a special location with 3 rivers the Danube, Inn and the Liz all meeting in the town. 

The town itself had that feel you would except from a little Italian town, with its small, narrow winding street, all merging together in a large square which also housed our church for today “St Stephens Catherdral”. 

The church claims to house the biggest organ in the world, but even as impressive as it was it was not a patch on yesterday’s!

We had a walk along “art street ” gazing through the galleries and painters works shops.

A stroll along the river, passed the many expensive river cruise boats,leading us to the convergence point, where we were able to marvel at the 3 meeting, a lot like when we saw the point the Mosel meet the Rhine, the water hadvery distinct  colours to each of the rivers.

Along the river side we spotted a Statue of the “Inn Keeper Daughter” who was a famous poet and story teller  in times gone past, as one of the towns resident she is remember foundly. 

High on the hills side was the Fortress”Veste Oberhausen” which would have provided a fanstaic view point had the weather not still been crazy hot, never mind maybe next time. 

Sadly Passau is to be our last stop in Baveria and Germany as we are heading into a new country tomorrow, if we can work out how to buy a vignette.

On a personal note this day was Very sad indeed, my off road crocs finally gave in and have meet the big  dusty bin In the sky !

To cheer us up, their was a funny but familiar sound in the air this evening, apparently unlike in  England where the ice cream van only plays its songs when they run out!  here in Germany it’s so you know they have arrived to sell their wears ! Both Michele and I enjoyed reliving our youths with a “Bannna Split” – yummy !


2 thoughts on “A passion for Passau 

  • Loved Passau when we visited in 2014 – lovely to see the place again.

  • Brilliant update Paul. That banana split looks lush. Typical me, all of those beautiful churches and I comment on the food!!! Safe travelling, waiting to see where we go next.


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