Zell, Zell, Zell

Yesterday we traveled a few km up river to Zell, home of the black cat cellar ….

The story goes :-

“When three wine merchants from Aachen and a winegrower from Zell could not agree during the wine tasting in the winegrower’s cellar his black cat managed to find a compromise with a promising future: it jumped onto a wine cask and defended it fiercely with its sharp claws. The wine merchants conceded and bought the wine without further tasting and sold it under the name “Black Cat”. And all of a sudden the wine sales boomed. Nothing has changed since then. Even worldwide. It’s no wonder then that everything in Zell is centred on the “Black Cat”. ”

The residents have paid tribute to the famous cat with a fountain in the centre of town ….

With yesterday being our first real day of sunshine we wimped out of the history trail and instead sat in the wine cafe and just tasted the local plonk ….. But hey in England €7.30 probably wouldn’t buy us a glass of wine, but here it bought us the bottle, so a sunshiny afternoon was spent people watching.

I got a Instagram worth sunset picture and we retired to bed…

Now about 6 o’clock this morning we realised that it was  to be a blue sky day !!! So we have stayed put in our riverside pitch….  And yes today we went back to being good and took the black cats trail around the town and surroundering vine yards…..

Michele stopped being so camera shy and photo bombed my street shot !


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