A tale of two ruins …..

As we left our river side pitch we stoped to me use of the service point, school boy error time , check water pressure is adjustable before attaching  the hose !- so I was treated to a quick cold Shower….

The road is driver heaven, well passenger heaven, with the only time you leave that riverside view you are treated to stunning lines of vines as far as the the eye can see.

We made for the town of Bernkastle-Kues, with designated motorhome parking, sadly a big signs that tell you no overnight parking .

From our travel guide we had :-

“Landshut – ruins of a castle dating from at least the 10th century and destroyed by fire in the 17th century; the tower ruins remain a symbol of the town of Bernkastel-Kues.” – 

so there’s me expecting a pile of broken stones, but on arrival we spot our ruin on the hill side, only this ruin has a crane and a large glass extension in it …..

Nether the less once parked €1.20 an hour, we made our way across the river and into Bernkastle, what a find, this is must for anyone following the Mosel 

So after our meander around, I had in my head I want a ruin !!

So quick look in the guide book and we have :-

“Grevenburg – 14th century castle in the city of Traben-Trarbach; left in ruins following bombardment by French troops in the 18th century.” Only another few KM along

We find camper parking in the town (N49.957180, E7.184980), again we are at a riverside view and set off into town, again dominating the sky line was the goal

And this one was a ruin !

We are treated to a fantastic entrance into town, 

And then I was off to find my ruin !

High above the town, Google maps said it was 24 minutes walk, well they must have used young Mr Bolt when setting up their timings !

By the time we have nearly reached the top Michele was just about humouring by determination to find the the Turin, and then came steps, and not just a few., so the smiles turned to grimaces ….

But we made to the top, found the ruin and enjoyed the view


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  • I’m just so jealous! Xxx


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