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Valencia’s Big ticket attraction

So we are finally heading East , well homeward – Which I guess from here is East ?

Verity the Volkswagen is on the rather pleasant Nomadic Camper just on the outskirts of Valencia, For the princely sum of €18 we have the XL pitch in this very clean, tidy and secure place.

It’s always an issue when visiting big cities, the normal solution for us is to find camping outside the city, but this little place is perfect, a tram ride away from the centre!

Normally now I would go on about the beautiful buildings, squares and stunning churches, but we’ve visited Valencia before and walked our socks around the city, found the abandoned F1 track and seen the stunning beach, so although we revisited the city’s delights you can read the blog posts Here and Here

This time round our main focus, is random for us actually a huge tourist attraction!

Located in the amazing city of arts and science or CIUTAT DE LES ARTS I LES CIÈNCIES

The architecture is just amazing and the ambiance worth the trip alone. The park sits at the end of the Turia garden and is one of the main attractions in the centre of Valencia. We hoped off the tram and took the 20 minute stroll along the garden.

Today we are at One of the largest marine parks in Europe, the Oceanografic Museo is a marvel and an absolute must when looking for things to do in Valencia.

The Displays in the Valencia Aquarium provide access to some of the sea’s most diverse and spectacular creatures. featuring 45,000 individuals of 500 different species including: dolphins, belugas, walruses, sea lions, seals, turtles, sharks, rays, sawfish, starfish, sea urchins, wetland birds plus many more.

We started our tour in the Mediterranean,

This section of the Oceanographic house large aquariums showcasing the Mediterranean’s aquatic ecosystems.

We slowly worked our way around into the Islands, Wetlands, Temperate and Tropical, Oceans, Arctic, Red Sea.

The aquatic tunnels and aquariums were beautiful and feature a large variety of marine life and the obvious stars of the show – Sharks and Rays!

although I did notice that sadly, some of the exhibits for the larger marine life we’re very, very tiny. We did observe and move on very quickly the sad looking penguins, who stood still whilst many hundreds of people gawked at them – I’m sure they were well looked after, but it felt a sad part of an epic visit.

And although we visited the Dolphins, we opted against the show, as personally its not my thing ….

The place was enormous, and the visit took us about 4 hours going at a slow pace, including stopping for something to drink.

A word of note, As expected in many tourist attractions, the prices are nearly doubled in the restaurants, bars and vending machines.

Would we return- hell yes !!


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