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Home via the Costa Brava?

So we’ve continued our journey Eastwards, and back to a place we haven’t visited for about 5 years and it’s very nice to come back an explore for a third time.

So we could have cut upwards from Valencia towards Zaragoza, but having checked out the forecasts the overnight temperatures were dropping well into the minus , which given we are traveling in a pop top VW we have opted to continue along the med coast and exit Spain on the lowest crossing.

So for the third time in our travelling lives we are here at empord area (N 41.8574, E 3.11463) the price may have crept up a little to €15 and it’s an awful lot more popular with long staying Northern European guests, but the location is still among the best and it’s has all the services to boot.

Palamós is probably our favorite Costa Brava town and with good reason, it is located in the northeastern tip of Spain, within the province of Girona.

It’s the perfect place to catch a last few days of sunshine before we start the trudge back towards England.

Palamós was officially founded in 1279 by King Pere II and was tasked with defending its royal port.

For centuries, pirate raids and military conflicts would trouble the town, slowing its growth.

Most villagers lived within the town walls for protection and it is here that you’ll find the Old Town area.

Fishing has long been an important industry in the Costa Brava, and Palamós continues to be one of the primary fishing villages of the region

You’ll find the port of Palamós located between the Platja Gran beach and the Palamós lighthouse, and it includes a marina, a harbor, and a commercial sea port. A stroll around the port is a great place to see the fishing boats and fishing crews in action. You’ll also see plenty of shipping boats and pleasure boats.

This place offers up so many great panoramic scenic views in and around Palamós, and on a nice day you can take in the views whether you are relaxing on the beach, following the hiking trails, or exploring the Old Town.


One thought on “Home via the Costa Brava?

  • We’ve also opted to go back to Santander for our homeward ferry via the Portuguese border .. why? .. cold any other way


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