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travel-weary in Vic

Paloma our motorhome is about a mile from the centre of Vic, Catalonia,Spain. She bagged a space in the aire provided by the town (N41.93493 E2.24048), in among trees overlooking an athletics track and what appears to be a baseball pitch…..

Located on the banks of the river Mèder almost equidistant from Girona and Barcelona. A long and storied history has put Vic on the map, but it remains there, among other reasons, because of its long and fervent political history.

Vic is looking more festive than usual. The central square is festooned with red and yellow flags that drape vertically from balconies and a jumbo electronic timer left over from the countdown to the recent elections.

And pride of place in the centre is a stunning protest over the imprisionment of political prisoners, they have constructed a pair of cells which today are complete with inmates.

Catalans often claim Vic to be one of the strongest bastions of Catalan pride in the region.

Luckily for us the city has a well marked touirst route which takes in the architecture, a mixture of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Modernista which all stands as testament to times gone by. With the market stands gone, the arcaded facades of the old buildings in the Plaça Major are marked with the vestiges of the city’s ancient past, including the pretty clock tower with its Moorish tiles and caged bells above.

The town’s cathedral is situated in the heart of the old town, and the remains of Catalan artist Josep Maria Sert, whose murals are said to grace the central nave, are buried in the cloister, sadly it was locked shut today.

But I’m not feeling the love, not sure why, this place has it all, great history, pretty buildings, lively town and up to date political angst- it’s truly stunning!

But as much as I love travel, today I find myself a bit travel-weary, hopefully it a tiny blip on the landscape and a good nights sleep will see everything better

Am I traveled out ?


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