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Paloma on Pole Position

Paloma, our motorhome is relaxing under the trees in the free official motorhome aire in Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain (N41.339576 E1.690384).

A very well placed parking spot, with the main city a 10 minute walk uphill and a zone commercial just down the hill, with supermarkets etc…..

The little sign at the end of the carpark tells that this is the real home of Spanish F1 !

It’s Saturday, and for the locals in this city Saturday is Farmers market day and not just a farmers market like we get in the uk, here we can even buy live chickens to take home eggs…

Sadly it’s the one thing I really miss, I used to love our girls and everyday when I went out to the garden to feed them. They would be so happy to see you …..

Oh how I digress, but for us a great chance to mix with the locals and refill our fridge with mouthwatering fresh produce….

With the market packed away we got a chance to explore this interesting city.

Vilafranca is one of the most important Catalan cities due to its important historical artistic heritage made up of a group of fantastically restored Middle Age buildings. But interwoven there is also a number of modernist buildings of great importance, which were built during the expansion of the city at the end of the 19th century.

Two excellent marked walking trails take around the city and it’s imposing landmarks.

After our walk around the city, we retired into the local cafe for a beer, with tapas and sandwich menu in front of us, we thought that lunch was in order….

Cue Google translate, ok it’s never very good but normally it’s passable, but today it’s Spanish was poor…. until we realised the menu was written in Catalan!!!!


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