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The real count down starts……

As a completely new blogger, I have an idea of how to tell our story, so I thought I would dive in !!!

This crazy idea, now our leap of faith started as a dream in my head about a year ago, so Michele and I made a five year plan, well that lasted long, we have now shorten it a little. So the plan is April this year (opps)

A Saturday of clearing out, thankfully this weekend there’s a jumble sale in the village hall, so bags of rearly worn ( read that as not in the last couple of years) clothes have gone to hopefully a better home and helped repair the village hall a little.

It has amazed me how much stuff you just hang onto, just because , try I still have over 20 jumpers and that’s probably a quarter of what was in the warbrobe!

So operation clear out has started, with a big eBay push, reminding me that one mans junk is another’s treasure.

Having a loft full of junk to clear may take sometime, but hopefully we can turn our unwanted stuff into things for the van….

The plan all begin well is on target, how sad is it was you have to create an excel tracker of the jobs that need completing…. But fail to plan, plan to fail and all that jazz…..

Dog has been in for check up and yearly injections so he all ready for his travels.

Now just chilling with a coffee waiting for some to view the smart car, anybody want to buy a low Milage 09 plate smart car ? Cheap!


P.S. We are into double digits 

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