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Double skillet – test run

So as Paloma our Pilote Motorhome lacks an oven and I can’t see the point of fitting one, as who knows if we will be cooking much or end up poor and destitute eating dried beans ! – So we have invested in an old fashion thing called a double skillet , Yep I’d never heard of one before either.

These pans are praised like mad on forums and blogs, so I just had to give it go,

So tonight I am cooking roast Phansant, spuds with peas and carrots

The infamous Double Skillet, the ultimate way to change a bob into an oven
The instructions, which aren’t the best say to brown the bird, then put in raw spuds and then it should all roast in its own fat …..Pheasant and Potatoes ready to be roasted in their own fat in the double skillet- the vanlife Gadget that turns your Motorhome hob into an oven

And the results ……,,

The Roast Potatoes and looking spectacular, could the Motorhomes double skillet be the way to create the ultimate crispy roast potatoes? Perfect roasted bird from the double skillet
Yummy roast dinner, just next time I need more spuds

On an initial test this weekend, Michele read out the instructions to me as I started cooking with it:

  • You don’t need to use oil, or maybe just a bit (yea got that one right)
  • Use a low heat (I was on full power – opps)
  • Put the skillet with the lip on the bottom
  • Don’t turn it over unless you’re only dry-cooking food (This one I’m sure I will forget)

Maybe we won’t starve !

Want your own, available here

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