The entrance to Vampire country – or is it

Michele woke me this morning with “Omg it’s packed”, having gone to sleep last night, just us and the night watchman it was a shock this morning to wake to sounds and sights of the best part of 500 people eagerly awaiting their train rides….

Once the excitement had settled down we set out on our path towards Bistrita, Romania.

The drive started out really good  and we loved the brand-new surface, but once the roadworks kicked in it required a lot more effort. For miles upon miles the chevron boards lined the road side  Indicating that our side of the road was scraped back, potholes galore with just enough room to fit Paloma (at a push and a brush with the overhanging trees) while lorries rushed past the other way, or the Ones who didn’t like me sticking to speed limits, honking as they pasted.

Further along diggers and their army of onlookers covering in drainage ditchs with buckets swinging wildly about, the bucket staying just about clear of us as we tentatively past the horse and carts.

We also got to climb some impressive mountains, but you never can forgot the saying what goes up ……

Hairpin bends galore, but the views were so stunning that you also forgot the slow speed you are traveling at.

So our 90km journey took around 2 hours..,

Why have we come here well no great reason apart from a long time ago Bram Stoker, and his novel “Dracula” put Bistrita on the map permanently, the story goes……

Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to finalise a property deal with Count Dracula at his castle in the “Borgo Pass”. His journey takes him by train to the post-town of Bistritz (Bistrita) where he dines on ‘robber steak’ and drinks ‘Golden Mediasch’ wine at the Golden Krone Inn, before journeying onwards to the castle despite the warnings he receives from the locals. “

Sadly the inn was fictional , although one of the same name now exists, but if this is all the town is remembered for it would be a shame….

Michele posed for the local photographer, but I’m not sure he was too keen ….

As we already had a plan for the next few days we checked our map, yep, the paper sort,  deciding we’d head over the hills. We struck out along the 17 for a few more km and into the land of the Painted Monastery’s……

Making a nightly stop high in the mountains (N 47.341950 E 25.429640)


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