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The end is neigh, the count down is on

With the end of our first season on the campsite fast approaching we’ve tried to use a bit of our spare time to do a few MoHo jobs in readiness for a weeks time, not that we’re counting.

We’ve hit the point that our friends at Our tour call the ‘Hump’

It’s that horrible little point, where you have to climb that invisible ‘Hump’ it’s all uphill for the next few days with lots of jobs to get done

But, we’ve been here early last year and survived.

No one could ever argue that taking off on the road for months isn’t a deeply romantic notion, when you’re sat in rainy Britain, fed up with life.

It’s still a romantic notion once you’re on the ferry and are day dreaming, whilst looking out to the sea of adventure.

This time next week and we’ll be on our holidays. The start of our three months off work.

We’re a mear week away from the ferry. Fingers crossed for millpond seas. 

With still so much to do on site, the holiday seems like it’s still a long way off, but we’ve made a start …

Awning down, With the sun still shining and it’s bone dry, well it has been most of the summer and with heavy rain forecasted for the weekend.

should we, shouldn’t we……………

But we have lived in the van before with no awaning, so it’s not really a problem

Before we could change our minds the pegs are out and I’ve scrubbed the dirty muddy bits and left them to dry.

Now it’s folded up and back in its bag, all in a matter of a couple of hours, until next year.

I think it fair to say it was a good investment and hopefully the Kampa Driveaway Pro will make a comeback in the spring

Sat nav updated, Why oh why did I leave it so long, who knew that the French would change their speed limits and dear old TomTom would want to update the whole European map. We also updating our park4night and campercontact apps.

Ferry booked, all booked for next week

Clothes sorted and vacuumed, although all our worldly possessions live in the van, we don’t need to take them on this trip, well I don’t need 6 jumpers for our #longroadsouth I hope.

We’ve got a final (for the next 3 months at least, unless we meet on the road) get-together with work mates tonight. A great chance to actually spend an evening together after spending 9 months together and never really socialising

Michele reading ourleapoffaith blog on Euro travel kit requirements

We’ll then head south on Tuesday afternoon/evening and stay at Dibles Park, where we meet our travel companions for a few weeks, somehow we are taking Mother and Father on their first MoHo trip abroad (eek)

The ferry’s then about 8am on Wednesday and with that we’ll be over the hump and back on the continent.


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