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The campsite warden lifestyle- FAQ

I’ve been trying to find a way to bring the campsite warden lifestyle into this blog, but not make it seem to perfect, as I don’t want to over subscribe the market place and do myself out of the pick of the jobs.

But all season, the same question keeps coming up, as in all honesty we are genuinely ‘living the dream’

Where do you stay?

Our pitch here at old oaks touring park

We live on site, mixed in with all the other campers, we have a massive pitch which easily takes ‘Paloma’ our motorhome, it’s driveway awning, ‘Suzy’ the smart car, our plastic shed and will still have a large grass area !

Do you get paid?

Yep, we’re paid for every hour we work, unlike most jobs in this industry we are paid above minimum wage, but you also must consider the benefits, we technically live Rent free, with free electricity, free laundry, free WiFi- so if you added all the above into your wage package…..

We would both say that our disposable income is about the same as when we both held down a ‘Good Job’ but the change in lifestyle is amazing !

Currently we manage to save approximately 50% of our earnings to pay for our winter holidays.

How long is the season?

Our season is quite long, it see’s us open and working from 1st March until the 20th November, but we do have a ferry booked for the 21st !

Do you get Holidays?

Yes and no, as we are employees we are collecting holiday entitlement all the time, but it’s kind of given that it’s taken after the season, so really it’s a great way to save a little extra spending money for our Hollibobs.

Do you get days off?

Maybe we’re just very lucky, but we have a fixed rota pattern, which provides everyone working here a two day break each week.

It’s actually slightly better than that, as our ‘weekend’ starts when we finish at 2pm Wednesday and lasts until we restart work at 1:30 On a Saturday

So nearly 3 days off !

With 2 full days off each week, we got the chance for. Weekend away
Paloma heading back to work after a weekend away

What will you do for the winter?

Come on, what a stupid question, I think most people assume we must take another job for the winter.

But we will be traveling, ok a lot more of a holiday than last time- but 3 months off, how perfect !

Just remember to check back regularly for the blog updates

Are you coming back next year?

Sadly reader, yes next year we will be based once again here in Glastonbury- why not pop by and say hello.

Is it all toilet cleaning?

No and No, all jobs no matter what will have bits and pieces you don’t enjoy doing, but for us, our role is mainly based in the reception and shop area, a lot of time is given over to guests, each arrival is shown to their pitch, giving time for the available guest service to be explained.

Michele hard at work in the old oaks reception

Where do I look for these jobs?

We found this job on Uk campsites, whilst sitting in Palomas, we had been there a couple of days and having toyed with the idea of ‘what are we going to do when we go back’ we bumped into another couple of campsite Wardens, who inspired us on with how it would be a good choice.

A few emails and a Skype interview later we had a job lined up!

Also have a search here. Caravan Job Finder

Or better still why not drop your cv into any sites you fancy working at !

How did you give up your house?

Start reading here, and you will soon come to realise that we made a choice to step off the treadmill of life and take “our leap of faith” and this lifestyle choice of being campsite Wardens is just part of it, we are lucky enough to be able to take extended holidays, which will allow us to travel and explore. – not many 9 to 5 jobs allow that.

Ourleapoffaith’s Shell and Fred Dog in the snow at Old Oaks Touring Park Glastonbury

Got anymore questions ? – fire-away in the comments and we will try and answer them !

Paul and Shell x

4 thoughts on “The campsite warden lifestyle- FAQ

  • We have 2 dogs and would love to jump off the treadmill.
    Is it a lifestyle if you have animals?
    We sold up and spent 3 months touring Europe last year. We did downsize and brought somewhere just before we left. We are both back in work(wife took a sabbatical) but surprisingly miss living in the van. Would love to be a campsite warden but thinking 50 maybe too old. Enjoy your 3 months.

    • Shellthecobbler

      Firstly your never too old to follow a dream !

      We do have a dog, Fred is very much part of our family, but he is very used to being left and is quite happy asleep in the van whilst we work. On the plus side for him we have loads mire free time, so he gets slot more walks !


    I would love to give campsite wardening a try, I have fancied the idea for some years, and thought that when I/we retire that we would give it a go, however my wife worked till well after retirement age, though we’re both still young at heart and quite Spritely my wife has decided she doesn’t want to work any more, so I was wondering if we could get a position where only I would be required to work, can’ t say as I blame her really, though strange as she hates being “idle “.

    • Best of luck, you do see posting for single worker from time to time …..


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