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Motorhome WiFi -iBoost connect fitting and user guide.

We have invested in a ‘Motorhome WiFi iBoost connect Device

I have said right at the outset of this travel blog that I will always be honest, on all aspects of our ‘on the road’ adventures whether they be good, bad or indifferent.

As always all the products we list we own, use and recommend.

So the time I think is right to give our ‘user’s review and fitting guide’ of the iBoost Device.

Where we live on the campsite we receive very limited WiFi signal and as it’s free I can’t complain (can I)

Motorhome WiFi gives two options, a free standing unit which attaches to your window or as we have opted for the ‘IBoost Connect’ a fully fitted system.

So what is it ?

Well, put simply, it’s both an aerial and a sharing device, so it enhances the reception of available Wi-Fi networks, then allows you to re-broadcast it over your own private network.

Unpacking the system gives an idea of how simple this fit will be

Motorhome WiFi connect unpacked and ready for fitting

We have the Airiel itself along with the roof collar.The micro router, to rebroadcast the signal and all the associated power cables.

Required tool for assembly

Simple job with minimal tools, one screw driver, one Allen key and a hole saw

Step one :- Having decided that I wanted to install the mast in our wardrobe, out came the tape measure to measure not once but twice that once our Status Tv Ariel was in the stowed position it would allow adequate clearance of each other.

Once the position was decided onto

Step two:- drill the hole for the mast.

Drill with hole saw ready to make the cutting for the motorhome WiFi mast
Note to self, must clean vans roof

Hole cut, insulation removed - WiFi here we come

Step 3:- insert the mast with a small bead of silkaflex, just in case it leaks, then attach the bottom washer and hand tighten the plastic screw piece

Motorhome WiFi roof mast fitted and ready for the IBoost connect

Step 4:- insert the mast with its protective rubber boot .

IBoost device mounted in the roof

step 5:- attach the locking nut, it simply does up with an Allen key, but stops you pushing the mast to far though the roof.

IBoost connect at full extension

Step 6:- although the device was supplied with both a cigarette lighter and a bare wire connection, I chose to use the bare wire version and I had simple access to the 12 v supply near the vans bedroom tv connection, in-line fuse used and two wires later I have power, ours has the optional inline switch so the router can be turned off when not in use.

Step 7:- as per instructions plug the aerial network lead into the port on the router and power on

Motorhome WiFi IBoost all powered up and ready to go

step 8 :- using the ‘IBoost’ once uk and running connect to the network and input the required network password, as printed on the front of the router.

Connecting to the IBoost from an IPhone

Step 9:- once connected navigate to the router internal settings page by simply typing in the browser bar “”

Motorhome WiFi router login page

Step 10:- enter the router name and password and your in!

across the top tabs choose ‘wireless’

Motorhome WiFi IBoost internal front page

To display this page-

Motorhome WiFi

To scan available networks press ‘select, next to the current SSID, a new page will open and you will get a list of available networks.

IBoost network page for motorhome WiFi

Select the one you want by ticking the dot on the left of list. 

Press select at bottom of the page.

Back to the selected network page

That network will now be displayed and if a password is required enter it 

Then press change at bottom of page.

A blue bar will appear asking you to apply the changes so press apply.

At that point give it a minute then select main at the top of the page.

Motorhome WiFi IBoost main page

On that page you will see the details of the network you are connected to.

The signal strength and the tx/rx rates..

There must be figures appearing in both tx and rx rates.

If there isn’t then regardless of signal indicator you are not connected to the network

Oh and then enjoy !

So far so good, we have gone from no connectivity to being able to stream YouTube all night long.


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4 thoughts on “Motorhome WiFi -iBoost connect fitting and user guide.

  • Brilliant bit of kit throughout Europe made the unsecured WiFi secure enough for banking etc

  • "Mo" and Suz Stokes

    We are total beginners. Sold the house a month ago.. Bought a motorhome a week ago.. and now trying to figure out what kit we will need in it ? The iboost was on my radar so after a bit of searching came upon this ( your very helpfull guide). Only confirmed what we thought we knew… We need one ! Thanks and good travelling.

  • Steve Harding

    Interesting info. However, does not tell me how to connect a second (or 3rd device). Info, please?

    • Devices are connected, the same as you would at home, the booster creates your own private wifi network with its own SSID and password


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