The battle of the bulge

Today we took the 80km or so journey towards the town of Bastogne, parking in the corner of a Carpark, but what a find ….

The town itself is famed for the American troops stationed here during the Second World War, the story goes that once the Germans had the town surrounded they offered the Americans the chance to surrender and save any blood shed, but difficult to the last the Americans reply to the communication simply with the words “NUTS!” 

We took the opportunity to first follow around the town a set of plaquards telling the story and taking you to the memorial sites

Then in the afternoon, we visited the 101 airborne Barracks , where we were walked through the story, shown the rooms where events  took place, they also have a  fantastic collection of WWII tanks and military vehicles..

On our stroll back Michele was drawn to the cake shop, so Cake and Coffee in Paloma followed.


As a foot note a real nice gent popped out as we arrived and invited us over for a drink in the night, only later did we find he was Mark from ”  Where’s frankie” fame…..

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