Slovenia mountain hide away.

Having left the slightly manic world of campsite life on the shores of Lake Bled, we have returned to our normal modus operandi. Paloma is tucked into the corner of a quite little aire in Bohinjska Bistrica (N46.276160 E13.958880)

It would seem here we have very few tourist, the village obviously gets busy come ski season, but early June it’s a welcome change to the last few days. 

We are parked next to an under used train line, the line seems to only have a “car train” every few hours- do we still have these in England ? 

This appears to be the terminus point, as when the train slowly arrives, the engine uncouples and carries on a few yards more, before coming to a complete holt, at this point a man on bicycle appears to manually change the points  before he rides off again, so that’s how to lower the countries unemployment, create a job where by each couple of hours a man has to manually move the points so the train can turn around.

The views are of mountains and fields, backed by blue sky, and we appear to have a new pet, running back and fourth a common lizard basking in the sun, “Larry”.  We happily watched “Larry” over our coffee, but when I went to try and photograph the view, setting the camera down on a fence post, I became less keen as he came very close to say hello !

The bikes made their way off the van, as we set off for an explore, it wasn’t long before we found a trail through a field, with the many of the local historic hayracks and then alongside the crystal clear river. 

Here we stopped to enjoy the moment, watching local men Fly Fishing, with little to no luck, how annoying you can see and almost touch the fish, but they will not take the fly…….

As it really is Saturday night and not just Saturday night in my world, we did what every self respecting traveler should, we hit the local bar….

This quite little bar was everything you imagine, a few tables and chairs, with the owner sat in the corner drinking a beer, Chain smoking, but hopping up as soon as an empty bottle or glass hits the table….

All was well until an invasion took place, the air filled with the smell of burning coke and the dust from the near by Carpark left a light covering on the place. The steam train had arrived. Cue nice little bar now filled with a hundred people !!

Ok the spectacular sight of the train leaving, with the noise, the heat and the dust is something to behold.

In the bar we chatted to our Slovinea neighbour from the aire, who apologised in perfect English that they were celebrating and might make some noise later, what they didn’t tell us was that the whole town was helping them celebrate and had organised an epic display of fireworks ! – that said I guess they celebrated in the bar a little too much, as no noise could be heard..


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