Europe’s gem of city.- Ljubljana.

Last year it was Europe’s green city, the Small but very perfectly formed capital city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

But before we headed out of the mountains, we couldn’t resist a trip in the National Park, stopping beside Bleds much prettier sister lake, yes I know I wax lyrical about the fairy tale that was Lake Bled, but this was,is, something else. If you ever end up anywhere near, it a must see spot!

We drove along the waters edge, before finding a suitable parking space, with a tiny stone and shingle beach at the bottom. As it was first thing in the morning, the crowds hadn’t descended, a dip of the toe left us believing it was fairly warm watered!  Swimmers on I paddle out about 10 feet in what can only be described as Luke warm bath water, heaven, for an early morning swim in the sunshine. 

Wrong wrong wrong! 

I know why the shole of colourful fish where in the shallows, as I dived in and took a few strokes, the temperature plummeted to leave me swimming in the lcy cold depths….

Plan of the day was to head towards the country capital, with its unpronounceable name, Ljubljana, all slient L’s…. Sadly now we know how to say it, it’s a lots less fun than the Lub-a-juba-juba-land that it had become on the trip down .

Thanks to the Camper Contact app we had earmarked a place stay, bus stop outside, bar and resutarant next door.

The owners of , may have created a near perfect setup, offering van owners a pitch, electricity, toilets, showers and services for either the princely sum of €10 per night or free if you eat in the restaurant. A quick recy of an icy cold beer, sealed the deal, daily special menu of €10 per person….

The site itself is around 20 minutes bus ride into the capital, in a sleepy village, giving an insight into proper Slovinea life. Taking the Fred dog for a quick trot showed off the village church, road side shrines and such like.

Popping in for our dinner, we both opted for the house special of pork ribs, think that’s not too bad a main course for €10 each with free parking….

Cue shock number one. ….

Beef Soup with dumplings and bread 

Salad course

Pork ribs with poateos and veg

Apple filled pancakes

Whilst eating our feast, we had water, a litre of wine, a beer and two shots of forest liquor.

Cue shock number two……

A total bill of less than €35 -bargain !

The restaurant  owner was also able to help us out with Ljubljanas cash free public transport system, sadly for us tourist,the public transport requires a swipe card as they are all cash free. 

Thankfully we were able to part with €2 deposit and the €4.80 for the two return journeys right here, leaving us only to remember to catch the number 13 bus!

Bus caught, 20 minutes later we are in the centre of our next capital city. 

Ljubljana is a cute and compact size, with the main attractions all centred around it’s delightful old town, with a real cafe culture feel. The old town is almost complete set around the river which winds it way through the city.

This place is so travel friendly, that there is no need for one of those tourist trap hop on hop off bus experiences, in fact the only way to explore is on foot.

We happily wounder around the old market, taking in the vast variety of fresh produce For sale.

We found probably the famous landmark in the city – Dargon Bridge, considered by some as super example of Art Nouveau architecture. Randomly the plaque would rather tell you it was Ljublijana first reinforced concrete structure.

After that we ventured to the bridge of love, sadly we hadn’t caught onto this fade before we left Blighty and didn’t ever get us some “Paul loves Shell” padlocks to leave around Europe, but what a heartwarming treat for the soul, that all these young couples are forever in love.

Another bridge, this time the rather unique Triple Bridge, which is made out of the original bridge plus a couple of additions back in 1931.

Perched above all of this is Ljublijana castle. The castle has been a fort, a seat of regional government, a military barracks  and now a massive tourist attraction for the city.

Having hiked our way up the hill, mainly because we missed the Funicular railway entrance on the way up, we wondered the grounds and then grab a seat at what can only be the best view of the capital.

Back in the “Presern” square we were treated to  Bollywood film in full swing, with  some pretty girls dressed like fairys stood waving their hands in time to the music, well most of them !

This square also has its very micro climate, with today a constant and very welcoming rain shower…. What will they think of next ?

We also got the chance to see one of Maks Fabiani most famous building Facade.

The church of St Nicholas was another gem, with a carved door, which defiantly need a photograph.

I was unsure after last weeks vist to Vienna, as to weather I need to visit another capital so soon, but this is one of europes hidden gems, before we arrived we couldn’t even pronounce the name, let alone had we any idea of the beauty we would find, this one goes into the top 10 already.


8 thoughts on “Europe’s gem of city.- Ljubljana.

  • Looks beautiful and loving that Blue sky. I forgot what that look like. Keep up with the blog Paul, really enjoying it. Love to Michele.

    • Shellthecobbler

      Thanks , we are having a great time !

  • Sounds amazing. Hopefully one of the counties on our tour. Great tips

    • Shellthecobbler

      Yes it’s a fantastic country, both lakes were out of this world, and the capital is super special, I would deffo recommend this camper stop – value for money every time

  • Hey, loving your blog! Were currently in Slovenia and heading to Hungary soon! Whats the camper contact address please as wed like to go there? Thanks, Jack & Em

    • Shellthecobbler

      Jack , which stop do you want the address for ?

      • The place in ‘the sleepy village’ with bar and restaurant. 20min bus ride from the capital?

        • Shellthecobbler

          How stupid of me !!!

          N 46.031620
          E 14.604300

          Enjoy the city it was great !


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