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Saint-Tropez of Spain.

Since the late 19th century when renowned Spanish painter Santiago Rusiñol spent his summers here , he brought a trend of arts and crafts with him that can still be notable to this day.

Since the 60s this coastal town has been known as the ‘Saint-Tropezof Spain.

Where are we talking about ?


Paloma’s wheels are still firmly parked in camping Vilanova Park and we’ve taken the bus ride to the train station for 6 minute ride along to the next coastal town.

A tourist resort since the 1800s, Sitges offers much more than just a beach resort. We had a memorable time in this little coastal town surrounded by the hills of the Garraf National Park.

The Town is best described as labrethine which slithers in a beautiful formation around Sitges Bay and slides gradually up the mountains.

Its winding streets are utterly charming, with whitewashed houses and ochre buildings set against an azure sky.

Probably it’s most famous landmark, An iconic feature in Sitges, the church is home to 2 Gothic sepulchres, which date back to 1317 and 1322, and belonged to an older church that previously stood on the same site.

This symbol of Sitges was built in the 17th century.

Apart from admiring the church itself, you can wander up the steps and have magnificent views over the sea

Its famous beaches are meticulously raked and depending on which of the superb beaches you choose, you could be in a deserted bay or a packed with others


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