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Looking for a Witch…..

Paloma, our traveling home has one of the 5 official spaces in the area de camper in Caldes de Malavella ( N41.839290 E2.811700) in Catalonia, or is that Spain ?

Every witch- way (sorry couldn’t help it) we turn we are surround by ‘Si’ posters and flags celebrating the victory for independence, but despite a few worries before we arrived it just like business as normal, no mass demonstrations or disturbance. Apart from the flags you wouldn’t know that they tried to declare independence from Spain a few weeks ago !

Anyway the town has provided once again for free a dedicated motorhome parking area with water, waste and free electricity whilst the street lights are on, or in the case of the point we are using all the time !

We eventually prised ourselves away from the coast and our temporary home in Palamós and headed a few Km inland in search of a legend …

Before setting off to explore this morning, we filled our Mr D’s thermal cooker with some local hand made sausages that we bought yesterday, so when we got back tea was happily cooking away in this modern hay box cooker

The legend of the ‘Mala Vella’ spread from this town, according to legend the witch made a pact with the devil where by she could maintain power of the village folk if she provided the heart of a small child for dinner each night ….

But this place is far more than just this legend, it’s also very important in Roman times.The town’s claim to fame is its healing waters.  Thermal baths and hot springs which are common, which turned Caldes de Malavella into a major spa destination.

The town is compact so very easily walkable.  We explored Roman ruins and stopped at one of the ancient fountains to have a taste of the healing waters for ourselves.  The water heals you from the inside out and is very warm indeed !

The arictecture of the town is just stunning and it’s hard to put the camera down and actually take in what is around you! – from the beautiful tree lined Ramblas, which during the early 20th Century was the main promenade through the newly constructed Summer houses.

Our walk guided by the free town map ( in English) showed off all the main slights and was a lovely way to pass away the day in this great little town, that certainly doesn’t sell itself enough to tourists.


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