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A taste of the Costa Brava life.

Ok the mistral winds have past and weather is hot and sunny, so we’ve taken a break from traveling and set up camp for a few days, to relax and enjoy the weather.

Paloma is still parked up in the excellent Camperstop in Palamos in the Costa Brava.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that light up your world, pulling in the other day the window of the beautiful Hymer next door opened and Carol invited us for coffee, little did we know that David and Carol were going to provide us with tips tricks and a huge wealth of knowledge from their 4 years of full time travel.

A repeat version occurred only this time armed with copious amounts of Vino and the seed for a Moroccan Trip has been sown for future years plus my excel knowledge has been expanded by a genius computer programmer who was involved in the program language of the internet !

But it’s not all rest and relaxing, I think I’m almost incapable of that, so exploring the town is a must for me.

Part of the beauty of Palamos is that although you find tourists here in the summer, the amount this time of year makes it almost deserted probably like a lot of other places on the Costa Brava.

The Catalans get on with their daily lives in this bustling fishing port as if they were oblivious and totally unreliant on the tourists.

Palamos and it’s beautiful tiny streets that invite you to get lost is on the north side of a huge curved bay, which eventually leads to another town at the southern end, known as St Anton.

A delightful promenade that is tastefully decorated with palm trees and attractive views of the boats that line this bowed bay. Without any cars,bikes or roller blades allowed this huge pedestrian highway is a superb place to slowly wonder.

Palamos beach which consists of flawless white sand with several protective stone causeways jutting out into the sea making sheltered tiny coves

At the northern most point of the beach you will find scores of boats, vast Yachts share the space with fishing boats, their nets strewn across the carpark whilst old men repair them in the bright sunshine to get them in order for a the next outing.


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