Land of EST! EST!! EST!!! Wine

Paloma, has company, being parked on what is a fairly rare thing, with neighbours, a few Italian motorhomes at a sosta in Montefiascone (N42.53324 E12.04264). Why so much company in October? 

motorhomes at a sosta in Montefiascone
Could be the fact it’s free, with electricity and is right next door to Cantina di Montefiascone, a co-operative wine maker of the famous EST! EST! ! EST!!!

More on the wine later ….

From the Sosta we climb the hill uptowards the old town that dominates the skyline.

Montefiascone old town
Montefiascone is located on the highest point of the ridge surrounding Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake of Europe.

Another town which is a maze of small medieval streets, 

More amazing Italian street in Montefiascone
but as we rounded the corner on our climb to the ruins of a fort we were presented with a stunning view of the Bolsena Lake. 

stunning views of the Bolsena Lake, Italy by motorhome

Wine was very important in the life of the Romans, it was a religious offering to the gods, as well as a daily staple on patrician and plebeian (that’s you and me) tables alike.

Famous EST! EST!! EST!!! Wine
According to the legend, this name was born around 1111 when a German bishop on his way to Rome for Henry V’s coronation asked his servant to scout out inns and to write “Est!” on the walls of those serving his favourite wines.

When the servant sampled the white wines of Montefiascone, his enthusiasm knew no bounds and he wrote Est! Est!! Est!!! on the wall.

Shopping for the Famous EST! EST!! EST!!! Wine
So being on the door step we couldn’t not pop by and acquire some samples……


Bonus pic time …..

Fiat 500

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