Fairy Tale Sorano- Italy 

Have you ever just visited a place that seemed right out of a fairy tale – one of those charming towns that you really can’t believe withstood the test of time throughout so many centuries? 

The kind of place that sends shivers down your spine once you take that first breath of fresh, pure air.

Well Paloma, our faithful traveling home, has done it again, we are parked high on a Tuscan hill side, just below the walls of the town of Sorano, Italy (N42.68086 E11.71085).

Parking up and we were meet with the most amazing view over this town.

View from the car park at Sorano, Italy

Leave behind the epic views from the camper park we walked the few hundred meters to the centre of Sorano, a jewel lying on a tuff stone (a rock of volcan origin) and visible for miles from the roads leading to it. 

The view is particularly good if you come from the north, the town will show up in its entirety and you can admire its enchanting shape. 

The town dates back to the Etruscan, but the labyrinth of its alleys, little squares and corners reflects the Medieval development of the place.

Maze of streets in Sorano Italy
So another day trying to pick our way around a maze of tiny streets and  arches cut out of the volcanic rock that the place sits on. All the time  praying we get lost in this heavenly place! 

Just hanging on Sorano Italy
As we turned our final corner a small faded sign pointed us to a steep stair case which gave us 360 panoramic views of the houses somehow clinging to the side of the cliff over a narrow the gorge below – out of this world !

Panoramic views over Sorano

Once we had strolled about for a while off we went up to the Orsini Fortress, which stands proud high above the walled town.

Orsini Fortress, Sorano Italy
 Time seemed to have stood still, the silence was impressive and from above it was like the houses and buildings were built on top of each other!


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  • Wow, they really are magnificent landscapes that bring us back to the distant past.


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