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Coimbra, former capital of Portugal

It’s a funny old life this loafing about in a camper, with no particular destination, you end up in the somewhat less touristy places, which sometimes turn out to be really fascinating

Leaving behind the sea view, but sadly not the torrential rain, which on the forecast looks to be blanketing the entirety of Portugal for the rest of the week we headed off inland towards Coimbra

At this point I should be writing that verity the Volkswagen is happily looking the river in the official Aire, but sadly they now have signs prohibiting Motorhome on the entrance road, hey ho we have joined all the other nationalities in the carpark on the opposite side of the roundabout !

Once settled into our new home, we set off back across the roundabout, though the deserted carpark, which could easily be earning the town a few euro’s if it was still a Motorhome aire and across the Pedro e Inês bridge.

The footbridge was constructed in 2007 and is formed of two cantilevered halves which are slightly offset in the middle to form a zigzag shape. The brightly coloured balustrade is made from sheets of yellow, pink, blue and green glass designed in an irregular pattern.

This small square was once the gateway to Coimbra for those arriving into the city by boat.

The square leads onto the Rua Ferreira Borges, Coimbra’s main pedestrianised street with its patterned mosaic paving. It’s a pleasant place for a spot of window shopping. )we are traveling in a campervan, so no extras !)

gently we meander to the Torre de Almedina archway which marks the entrance to the old town and is a lasting reminder of the old city walls.

The city is divided into two distinct sections, the Cidade Alta (high town) and Baixa (lower town).

Topping off this amazing city was a magnificent cathedral

Surrounded by a maze a small interconnected street, making for a fabulous place to lose yourself

And the view back over the valley …..

The medieval city of Coimbra was divided between the classes with the nobility and clergy residing at the highest part of the city whilst the poorest inhabited districts close to the river which was subject to frequent flooding.

Thankfully we made it back to the van before the rain set in, but a genuinely fascinating little city.


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  • Christopher Pease

    Will be staying at Sao martino do porto in May 2023 before heading for lisbon


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