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Back to the first place we visited in France.

With our ferry booked from Roscoff on Wednesday afternoon, we had no hesitation in our penaltoment stop off…

Paloma, has nabbed one of the reserved camping car spaces in the stunning town of Morlaix, about 20km from the ferry port. ( N 48.574170 W 3.831560).

Morlaix, holds a little place in our past, it was the first French town that Michele and I visited together, whilst on a pre Christmas booze cruise, back then it was a stop off for Coffee and Croissants at the famous grand terrace cafe

This stunning place is in the heart of town, probably one of Morlaix’s showpieces, this 1872-established brasserie with an original central spiral staircase.

And I’m glad to report it was still as beautiful, with one major improvement…they now have real toilets !

Unlike last time we had time to explore both day and night which certainly allowed us to enjoy this amazing French town .

We continue to explore the heritage of Morlaix as we slowly slowly climb the hill, along steep little streets linked by flights of stone steps.

Eventually you make it all the way to the top you get rewarded with plunging views over little gardens, half-timbered shops, whitewash-houses and the ruins of the old walled town. A well-earned view!

Following the alley takes you to the first level of the viaduct. This is the symbol of the city, and a crowning glory that overlooks a lovely mosaic of slate roofs and offers breathtaking views over the old town and its many church steeples. The solid stone arches built with granite from Ile Grande set off the scene perfectly.

The port that lies in the distances was once a hub of maritime trade, and is lined with buildings with imposing facades, built during the 1730s. The tobacco factory, is a testament to Morlaix’s manufacturing past and there’s still something of the rebellious spirit about the place that you can see in its buildings, now converted into arts venues.

This place still has a magic feel and better still we spotted the best ginger bread house so far !


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