Ardagger , time wait for Everyman 

Paloma is safely nestled in the tiny village of Ardagger, Austria (N48.179840 E14.825950) She has pride of place with her own private skate park. Well not quite private but no one has turned up to use the extensive facilities, so tonight I have a half pipe and rails to play on !

We have picked up and followed the Danbu down river stoping off in the Ardagger. A popular stop  for people parking up and following the cycle trial which runs the full length of the river. 

The village has kindly once again provided a free place to park and free electricity, although we are now sharing the two sockets between all of us, I am not to sure it would pass the uk safety tests, but everyone is happily sharing away. 

We popped into the village and received one of those “your in mainland Europe” reminders, finding everything shut for Saturday afternoon -oops!

Although it does offer another freebie to us would be explorers, it has it’s very own natural spring water source, free for anyone wanting to bottle it !

My plan A fell on death ears today – there was to be no cycling on the Danbu, as the temperature scored into the fourties.

For plan B I suggested a walk to the church on hill- apparently I can get up extra early and go myself ! – what a lovely wife, offering to wake me early with fresh coffee – I think not !

So it was to be a chilled out day, just sitting back,relaxing soaking up a few Ray’s and the beauty of this new country 

As the sunsets on another perfect day, I can’t help think how lucky I am to be having a bash at this lifestyle, no worries, no more stress- today’s biggest problem how to chill the wine. Oh for the joy of 1st world problems !


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