A lake,A lover,A lamppost and A lazy day…

So Paloma, our home on wheels has moved us around the shores of Lake Vegoritida (N40.7222 E21.7500) today we have travel all of 15km to a village on the opposite shores.

A lake

Lake Vegoritida is part of a four-lake complex in northern Greece. It combines with the Zazari, Himaditida and Petron lakes to make up Lake Eordaia. A stunning lake full of life for us to marvel at.

A Lover

Our normally grumpy lump of a Labrador aka Fred Dog, has only gone and fallen for the local stray dog…..

Up until today I was the only one who was ever allowed in the food bowl when he was eating, but all that has changed…..

He looked so sad when he packed up to leave.

A Lamppost 

So someone, really got the planning wrong with this one, the lamppost is a good 10 meters or so out into the lake! – better still it works!

A Lazy Day

Before moving off his morning we explored the lakeside town of Arnissa,and got to see what a beautiful place it was….

With little or nothing planned for the rest of the day we took the chance to explore the lakes shoreline, taking in the bird life on the wetlands. 

A trip into the local village of Agios Pandelimonas and a few beers in the bar in the sunshine……

But not a lazy as this chap, he stayed put on the pontoon fishing all day without moving.

Ok, I know he’s not real, but from the shore he looks the parts ! 


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