Tranquility at its best 

After our eventfully or possible uneventful day in St Laurent du var  we headed a little way along the Cote D’Azur with the intention of spending the day at Port Grimaud, somewhere we had visited before and really loved.

Last time we stayed directly on the beach at camping Les Muirs but sadly like most of the other campsites is shut in November, so we are spending the night on the towns site ( N43.279730 E6.577960) which is the princely sum of €15 all year round, so what a bargain in the high season ! 

So if you’ve not heard of Port Grimaud your missing out on one Frances best kept treasures!

A charming lakeside town located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in southeast France, Port Grimaud is known as the “French Venice.” It offers waterways and canals throughout the town, and every homeowner can moor a boat in front of his own home.

Ok so you’ll need the best of a million euros for a simple 3 bed cottage, but for that your part of a private village facing the sea, featuring colorful facades, town markets, Roman tiles and small streets as well as shops and conveniences that rival a modern city.

Ok so we had to stop ourselves from comparing how it had changed, or not in this case, but still a meca of money that you can just soak up the atmosphere and dream of the lifestyle….

The place doesn’t pretend to be exclusive, it is exclusive, Heaven on a plate!

So current plan (which will change for sure) is to plod across France and down towards some winter sun .


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2 thoughts on “Tranquility at its best 

  • Nicole

    My lovely friend Karen weeks told me about your adventures and so it leads me here posting! So far I’m loving reading your posts, though I have one question, how did you begin to plan such a trip and organise what places you should and shouldn’t stay?

    • Shellthecobbler

      That got to be the million dollar question !

      I guess planning was and still is really a bit of a stick a pin in the map

      The only bits we sorted before we left were obvious things like 365 Europe insurance, breakdown cover and health insurance

      The best bit is that we have grown, like everyone I guess we started off by stopping on campsites and motorhome aires but as we traveled east we had no option but to wild camp – but this lead to some amazing places to park up !

      We do use an app called ‘camper Parkings’ which probably lists enough places to stay for next ten years or so and we just starting to add the places we have stayed to SFS ( well it is British)

      But like now last weekend we were still in Italy with sleet falling, but plan b or c of d came into action and we are probably going to be in Spain in a couple of days !

      The thing to remember is be flexible,

      We started out with a second hand copy of lonely plants Europe on a shoestring , which quickly made its way in the back of cupboard and now we try and hunt out some different my current fav website is called ‘obscure atlas’ as it has some really different things to go and see!

      We are traveling to a budget, but we do not let that rule us – some weeks we spend loads because we wanted to go somewhere or do something and other times it’s next to nothing!

      The best thing I can say is the freedom is addictive….

      Anything you want to ask go ahead

      Paul and shell x


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