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Torrevieja- was it a Trip Advsior Miss ?

So we have come to see the pink lake, but what else did Torrevieja have to offer ?

A google search had it pegged on one trip advisor forum ‘ as the worst resort in Spain’ – knowing this couldnt possibly be true we had to head into town to explore some more  !

Ok, i’m not going to sugar coat this, in the back of our mind’s we already has the trip advisor impression, but hey ‘one mans rubbish is another mans gold‘ and all that ……

As we drove into flat Torrevieja, apart from roundabout after rounabout all we could see where rows of squat apartment buildings which might have given us a hint of what was to come, but still firmly believing that the holiday masses couldn’t possibly be that wrong we ploughed on.

The beach is pretty enough, but away from the beach in Torrevieja, you’re just left with the buildings. Not so pretty.


We’d come from lovely El Campello, where the spainish feel was ever present . In Torrevieja, the terrain is flat, making it a lot less picturesque. On top of that, most of the housing is in boxy rows of apartment buildings painted a concret grey.

So the next day we got up with fresh eyes and meandered along the  marvellous Torrevieja coastline in the warm winter sun,

Amazing what a second look does you’ll find a succession of rocky coves and wide sandy beaches, from La Mata down to Punta Prima in the south.


This is hard to summarize in words, but, there is a feel to the place – a relaxed and friendly vibe.

A happiness floating in the air!

There isn’t any British drunks roaming about, being loud and aggressive; unlike nearby Benidorm which has been ruined by a British tourist subculture!

While Torrevieja is a vacation spot, it doesn’t have that touristy feel to it.

Yes, There’s a large British population, but we also met quite a few Dutch, German and Swedish people on our travels .

There were a few scattered families, however most of the residents seemed to be older, retired expats, so maybe its not the winter holiday spot that trip advisor has painted ?

In the end, we actually  loved our time in Torrevieja, Spain and had great fun exploring much of what Torrevieja had to offer.

Torrevieja isn’t overly touristy, but is reasonably priced, family friendly, with loads of things to do.

We loved it so much that we ended up staying there for a week, not bad after we had only planned to stop off to see the pink lagoon.

And, even then it really was a wrench to leave……


One thought on “Torrevieja- was it a Trip Advsior Miss ?

  • Jennifer

    These oap,s are off on Thursday to Fuengirola to spend our winter there too ????‍?
    We are going up to Benidorm for 5 days too, we like the old town, ourselves.
    Your mar n par are out there same time as us too.
    Enjoy xxx


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