Campsite Wardens

Three weeks in and they still have a campsite…….

So three weeks in, hows it going ?

Armed with a load of negative views from the world of Facebook and people who have never tried this job.

We started our training with trepidation, but all these fears were quickly laid to rest, maybe we got lucky but so far it looks like this place is a well oiled machine and we won’t stray off the rota to often, so no 20 hour days here, and biggest bonus only toilet cleaning in emergencies.

We are the office newbies !

Okay, okay — it’s not that bad. Sure, it can be intimidating to try and break into an established group, it can be done, and we can do it! It’s about having to know what you should and shouldn’t do during your first few weeks on the job.

The greatest piece of advise for anyone else in this situation is “Be grateful” !

As the new person in the office, chances are you’re going to be asking for a lot of help from your new colleagues. Whether they are showing you the ropes, sharing advice, or just including you in conversations, show your appreciation. Thank them for helping you out and welcoming you to their team.

A little thank you goes a long way, we already feel connected to this team, if still with a lot to learn.

Our role, seems nice, taking online and phone bookings, dealing with customers and running the small shop, all arrivals are shown to their pitch so no problems with people nicking the MoHo pitches whilst their out, we get asked to answer scores of regular questions; is there a bus? Is there a local pub? Is there walking or cycling close by? – all of which we are still finding out ourselves.

We had given ourselves a week here before starting work, as we needed to explore a fairbit, but that was nowhere near enough, it’s such a fascinating area I’m sure we will be busy visiting new things for the rest of the year.

Wells cathedral, a short 5 mile drive from our campsite where we are working as campsite Wardens

We get two clear days off a week, well almost 3 as we finish at about 2pm and then don’t go back until 2pm on day 3 – way way too much time off for me, but I’m sure I’ll find something to fill the time (oh yeah that book I promised you all)

The park itself deserves all the awards it has won and more, I’m still blowed away with how beautiful it is, I have stayed in 5star Hotels with worse toilet and shower facilities that’s for sure, and the landscaping is impeccable, more someone’s pristine garden than a campsite.

Old oaks fishing lake, another special place at our work place - campsite warden, #vanlifeforgrownups

As part of our package we have a free pitch, in amongst everyone else, probably the largest pitch I’ve ever stayed on with full services, ok not too much use as a motorhomer, but it’s all there!

As campsite Wardens we get a huge pitch at the old oaks Glastonbury

Add to that probably the greatest dog-walk area we’ve ever seen, with free dog bags a hot shower and free dog shampoo !

Opening day couldn’t of got any worse, With the recent ‘Beast from the East’ bringing some of the harshest and coldest winter weather for years, with temperatures plummeting to rival those of Norway and Iceland. Here we are on our first day watching the snow fall and answering endless cancellation phone calls, but hey it looks pretty outside.

Snow has fallen, another job for us campsite Wardens is managing the grounds

A few hardy campers made it up the lane and onto site, before the worst of the snow settled on the ground.

With temperatures below freezing for the days leading up to this we suffered a slight hic up with the van, apparently the external waste tank doesn’t love -12 for long, guess that’s now number one on the jobs list a little winterisation of the waste system in Paloma.

Since then the snow has melted away, more and more folks have arrived and the place has sprung to life, Head Wardens Tony and Deb have embraced friends from years past and we are slowly remembering peoples names to fit to the faces that we are seeing, it can and will only get easier, but for now we just keeping smiling and when I forgot someone I can always bluff it !

The office newbie feeling is ebbing away really quickly as the time is passing so fast….

Michele hard at work, at the old oaks touring park Glastonbury Somerset

Scary thing is that two weeks ago the ground was snow covered, and this weekend the site is full to capacity, so our first taste of a busy weekend, on that note, the place is still tranquil with the noisiest thing the chirping birds.

A robin in the awning at old oaks Glastonbury

Wish us luck as we continue this journey…..


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4 thoughts on “Three weeks in and they still have a campsite…….

  • Chris pease

    Looks great. We would like to do the same but not in the UK. We do and have done for the past 3 years ‘ help on French sites ( English owned) . We clean toilets/ cut grass/clean pool any other odd jobs as and when required on site,work fixed hours usually 2/3 hours per day each for 7 days then 3 days off in exchange for a free pitch / electric / washing tokens and any other perks but no money so we’re not employed. We really enjoy.

    • Shellthecobbler

      The current uk weather has certainly added to the learning curve, and the best bit come November we can head to the sun……

  • Chris and Peter

    Sounds great. And with your travelling experience we know you’ll be very good at the job!

  • We are also settling in to a new site as campsite wardens. This is our second season and agree that it is a great option for those who enjoy the motorhome lifestyle and wish to travel off-season. A planned operation and the birth of our first grandchild prevented us from any travel last winter – but like you we are looking forward to later in the year and the great journey south 🙂 Hoping you are continuing to enjoy the role and settling into your new life.


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