Real van life.


Admittedly, it’s been one of thoses days, we ended up not in the most glamorous of locations on earth and it prompted me to starting thinking about having a hashtag for #realvanlife instagram collection

Normally I #vanlife loads of pictures of cool stuff we’ve seen , great sunsets and if you search #vanlife on instagram the ones you see will all have cozy vans, campfires and bikini-clad girlies doing yoga in the sun.

 Our new one would let you know the real life story ( well today’s at least) Random centre car parks, boy racers wheel spinning  around the car park at silly o’clock and the need to empty a cassette loo. 

Not that we’ll have any boy racers keeping us awake tonight, as we’re under the watchful eye of the car park security guards, otherwise known as a pack of stray dogs.

The day just didn’t go to well after we left the safety of Camping Alba, filled with water, emptyed waste water and emptyed the cassette loo ( told you life was all glamour and yoga poses) 

We nipped into Lidl for a quick weekly shop and then headed out along the ring road…..

The stop start nature of the traffic coupled with the typical Romania driving style, had us eventually making the A2 after an hour or so….

We whizzed down the first 100 or so km of the A2, which unlike the other motorway we had traveled on had Real service stations, instead of just slip lanes to nowhere. 

The views from the road side certainly show off a different side to Romania, for the first time in this country we spot a wind farm .

Fail Nunber one

We may have just got unlucky, but we used the Park4Night app to see if there was a stop off point near by, 

Bingo! – a fisherman car park by the river, coordinates imputed and off we go , sadly it turns out the whole village is being resurfaced and there is no access

Fail Number two

Ok, we spot a picnic area on there, re plotted the sat nav and off we go, bless our sat nav but she doesn’t really help, taking us on some great routes, but again the stop over is another no go….

Fail Number Three

Park4night showed a campsite on the coast, which had reviewed good reviews (8.5) or less

Again we head off , OMG – how the hell do they get people to stay ? I know it’s not going to be Caravan Club standards but for €20 a night I expected more than a gypise camp !

Fail Number Four

Again Park4night had a car park in the resort centre, well busy busy busy and the spaces would only nearly fit a smart car ! 

So in the end as it was getting dark, time was ticking on, we deleted Park4night from the phone and we opted to wild camp in a nice little car park, with what Michele thought was a park opposite, until we awoke this morning to see it was a massive graveyard…..

So ok, up early and in the daylight we got ourselves on the move and our view for the rest of day …….



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