Real Italian life.

Being that here in Italy All Saints Day is a Public Holiday we decided to make the most of nothing being particularly open and knock up a couple of hundred Km’s of mountain roads and head north.

With the satnav offering the non toll route at 4 hours or the tolled version at an hour and a half, the choice was simple.

You couldn’t really call the autostrada a motorway, but the dual carriageway is an engineering masterpiece, some clever soul has literally cut holes through the mountain side. So bridge followed tunnel, followed bridge, followed tunnel for about an hour we spent 80% under the ground! 

So Paloma has come to rest in the small village of Torriglia (N44.516480 E9.160780), about 30km North of Genova, Italy. 

We had no expections and picked on this Sosta purely due to the fact it was free, but what we found was amazing.

Great view, just awaiting the mist lifting
Parking up in the huge free Sosta with an amazing mountain view, we thought we had already hit Gold, but with the sun still shining and a huge ruined castle looming high above us an exploration mission was required! 

Stunning village of Torriglia
Luckily for us, the town didn’t just have a ruin, but an entire history trail for us to follow. 

We followed the trail around the town, taking in all the sites from the old communal ovens through a few piazzas and then onto the huge church that dominates the town centre.

Huge church
Eventually we made it to the crowning glory the ruined castle that had started this mission and it did not disappoint! 

Ruined castle- Italy by motorhome

With the sun still filling the afternoon sky, we stopped off in the local bar for a glass of vino.

Perfect ! 


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