Perfectly serene Sorrento 

Paloma is now on day 5 of campsite life, still tucked up, under the trees at Camping Spartacus in Pompeii, and why not it’s ACSI discount time so we’re only paying €17 per night for a fully serviced pitch.

Once again we took the train from our Pompeii base. 

The hour long ride to Sorrento left us  privy to stunning views out the window the whole way. Let me tell you, I could fall head over heels for this town. It is small, it is quaint, it is colourful. Things and people move slowly here. 

Overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a town in the Campania region of Italy. With views of Naples, Mount Vesuvius and Capri it was the perfect place to call home, even if only for a few hours……

Normally I crave stuff, monuments, ruins, churches, but there’s not much going on here in terms of historical or cultural sights, and that’s perfectly okay. 

Put plainly, Sorrento is just pretty and a great place to lie low and relax ..

The whole place feels so 1920 Art Deco, it’s the fairy tale version of Italy. 

The streets of Sorrento Italy were filled with many shops ranging from luxury clothing stores, gelato stands to leather goods and the odd tat shop ! 

There were outdoor cafes, rows of motorcycles and many narrow lanes lined with European flags and filled with locals and tourists.

The weather was perfect, the water views amazing, the food delicious and the street scenes vibrant. 

What else could you ask for?


Bonus pic of nuns at play ……

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