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Outside cooking – what do we use.

Everyone loves a BBQ

We do like our barbies, who doesn’t, but they are also very messy, carrying around a dirty charcoal blacken BBQ in the motorhome will only ever lead to one thing, but I still want to be able to cook outside,

So what we’ve got stashed away in the motorhomes garage

The Cadac

Perfect steaks cooking on the cadac

They make a variety of BBQ’s and we have had a few,but the one we have at the moment is the Cadac – Safari Chef Hp Barbecue.

It is a compact collapsable gas BBQ that is ideal for The Motor-homer.

The legs fold out on springs and support the main burner very well, the unit can be used as a stove for one pan, use one of the included hot plates to griddle your meat or flip it over for the perfect breakfast cooking surface.

The lid doubles up as a wok , making it a complete cooking station.

The whole unit comes supplied with a canvas style bag to keep everything in including any small cleaning utensils.

We went for the HP version, which takes it own small gas canisters, this way given its light weight and tiny footprint we can carry off for that beach picnic

It’s simply superb and a must for pretty much everyone !

I have cooked everything in the little thing from huge ribs of beef with proper roast spuds and pretty ‘pants’ Yorkshire puddings (oh yes it’s possible) to simple fresh fish straight from the ocean.

First attempt on Cadac Yorkshire puddings in Greece with our motorhome

The Cobb

Our leap of faith all set to roast a chicken on the Cobb

Unlike typical barbecue grills, the Cobb can roast, bake, smoke, fry and barbecue, according to their site.  It was originally designed as a safe cooking alternative for people in rural Africa, with corn cobs as the heat source (hence the name).

From there it evolved into a slick, sophisticated and incredibly versatile charcoal BBQ that we have today. Although I almost hesitate to use the word, because it’s so much more than just a BBQ.

There’s an outer steel shell that stays cool during cooking, so you can move it around as needed, great to stay out the wind !

The shell holds an inner stainless steel sleeve that holds the charcoal and catches drippings. On top of that sits a Teflon-coated grill grid with holes that channel the juices to the edge of the ring, where they don’t connect with the charcoal. This makes for a very clean, low-smoke process.

My first experiment involved a couple of steaks and a special Cobb charcoal brique, which is designed to fit perfectly into the Cobb’s cooking chamber, but Six to ten conventional charcoal briquettes work just fine, but then we’re back to messy charcoal.

We fired up the Cobb and put the roast pork joint on about 15 minutes after lighting the brique (according to their instructions).

Amazing roast pork, juicy as you like from the Cobb

Anyway, 1.5kg of thick pork was cooked to medium in a little less than an hour.Because the Cobb grill doesn’t get extremely hot, it’s a gentle kind of BBQ experience, both for the meat and the cooker. The pork was plenty moist and very evenly cooked. There are no flare-ups with a Cobb.

Ok, we missed some of the char flavor that comes from fat dripping on charcoal, but you can’t have everything, can you !


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