Motorhome Essentials

Now I know why they cost so much !!!!

Hopefully this is the last my wife’s Scottish genes on their way out ……

Today I found out why silver screens cost so much…

The story goes Michele says ” I could make those” So eBay here we come, meter and Meters Of fabric , some binding, eyelets, and suckers…….

Well after a few inches and an extra grumpy wife, I am sat at the sewing machine……

Not an unusual situation after all the first time we bought a campervan Michele was going to make new curtains and I think I sewed 85% of them

So after a few evening of sewing I have …….

At least they look like they should,  and to be fair at probably less than a £100 for an A class full set , isn’t too bad 

just a p.i.a. To make.


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