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Nose back to the grindstone- a campsite wardens life

Everything seemed so different, yet exactly the same.  

Everything looked so modern and people were dressed so….non-travelerish.  

Although, I do have to admit, I was extremely excited to open up our smart car, and rummage through the bags and finally see more than four t- shirts and two pairs of jeans to choose from.  

I can’t claim that The first sleep in my own bed felt amazing, as we have the luxury of Paloma, our motorhome and the ‘ Same Bed, different view’ , but it does feel very weird to wake up the next morning in a place that used to feel so comfortable.

Welcome back to Glastonbury!

So ok it’s only been 3 months this time, but the inner feelings are the same, we are very lucky that this time round we already had in place before we left a job to return to, in a stunning location.

View over the lake of old oaks touring park Glastonbury, the place we call home as we work as campsite wardens

But with our first week done and dusted, We are both feeling good – if a little exhausted!

We are joining exactly the same team as last year, so this time it’s like being welcomed back into the family.

I guess as with many campsites the winter close down period is an amazingly busy time for the folk left behind, and we’ve arrived back, during the mad panic- opening day is the end of week phase….

Job one for us was get us back to be actively Mobile and for that we need an MOT on our very trusted old friend, ‘Suzy’ the Smart car.

Despite hardly being used this year and having sat in the storage yard for the past 3 months slowly getting dirtier and dirtier the old faithful Girl, with a little bit of ‘faith’ started on the turn of the key and slowly creeped into life…

We’ve had the Smart car for about the last 5 years. It’s one of those cars, touch wood, that’s solid and fits like a pair of comfy old slippers, she survived life on mother’s driveway whilst we travelled and hopefully she will provide us with another year of soft top motoring fun.

We are being eased slowly(ish) back into this work thing, by having a mini break to represent ‘Tranquil Parks’ at the NEC Caravan and motorhome show.

The campsite we work on, is part of this excellent marketing group which represents 39 adults only touring parks around the uk, so a very busy day of handing out booklets and answering questions about locations and the lack of kids…

But it did mean that we were staying a few moments away from one of the top Motorhome shows in the country, so there was no way that we weren’t going back the next day for a really good look !

So then back to work, with a bump !

After having to get up early for working at the NEC on Thursday, Friday that was our last chance of a lazy morning till the site opens……

Michele on the tranquil parks stand at the Nec motorhome and Caravans show

Saturday, brought about a day of sorting the replacement bits and bobs for the glamping accommodation so that they are back up and running for the first guests.

Refreshing ourselves on the computerised booking system, catching up with the current special offers and a general tidy up of the store room areas in readiness of the retail stock.

Sunday, Time to collect in all the old outside chairs and replace with nice new teak ones, for that even more luxurious look.

Another spin around in the truck to collect in and replace the fire pits, once I’d unpacked them and built them.

‘Do you fancy pressure washing the drive’ – Working methodically albeit very slowly I clean 3″ strips of the driveway, rinsing away the winter grim and the clay from the diggers and dumpers….

Monday, course number one of the week , after a less than exciting PowerPoint presentation, a practical demonstration of how to effectively use a fire extinguisher I am once again a certificated ‘Fire Warden’

Tuesday, Course number two, now some people teach and some people inspire!

Not for the first time in my life, I’m sat on a first aid course, touch wood I’ve never needed the training and let’s hope it stays that way.

First aid for dummies or is that first aid dummies- ourleapoffaith are once again first aid trained

I wasn’t looking forward to this one, but the course was delivered by a) a motorhome owner and more importantly b) a cave rescuer.

It was delivered without the need for a dull presentation, but with humorous (I think) real life experiences.

Wednesday, I slipped back into my role as technical geek, “look this box is for you” – it the new printer- when did printers become so difficult to set up on a network?

Next up, can you check the WiFi connection boxes around the park ?

Inner geek time, reset of the old oaks touring park, Glastonbury WiFi system

But once that job was out the way and with the opening day looming fast, the park needs to be ship shape, with the whole family (team) pulling together, laying turf, spreading gravel on the newly upgraded pitches and for me the therapeutic task of ‘weeding’

The joys of weeding - a campsite wardens job is never dull

Thankfully, when your as ungreen fingered as I am you can’t go wrong with pulling out weeds in the middle of hard standing pitches !

Thursday, Another day spent pulling the nasty little weeds out, but sadly unlike yesterday the normal British weather has returned, yesterday I managed a day without my top and had a good go at topping up my tan !

Friday, opening day , with the site about 1/3 full, life is back to normal!

Is it too early to start the count down ?

Opening day arrives and so do the Caravans


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