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No Oven, No worries – The Double skillet

Who remembers this post, from way way back The test run..

We wrote this just after we purchased the amazing little piece of kit and a little over 21 months (now that’s scary we tripped around Europe and start a new lifestyle since then) and all I can still say is Wow!

So it looks a little more battered and beaten up, but it’s been in daily use for most of that time, not bad for a £50 pan …

Still not heard of it, for a long time these ovens, pans, skillets call it what you like had become the stuff of legends. Originally sold at the many motorhome shows around the country by two ladies whom upon retiring sadly the pans where no more.

For years rumours of the where about was just whispers, with the odd used one appearing on eBay and fetching a small fortune, until someone took on the challenge and started to reproduce today’s examples.

Described as a mini oven, the Double Skillet is in fact much more.

The two non-stick pans combined with a heat resistant glass lid will cook almost anything from a simple breakfast to a full roast complete with roast potatoes and veg.

Double skillet roast, how to cook Sunday roast in the motorhome

In fact the Double Skillet is ideal for boiling, frying, curries, toasted sandwiches, chips, jacket potatoes, cakes, pies, pasties, pizzas, pancakes, bread and scones and probably that’s just a snap shot from the list !

The Double Skillet is designed specifically for use in caravans, motorhomes and boats, and will fit comfortably on the hobs as well as being compact enough to store easily. As well as a stove top oven, it gives you two frying pans in the mix allowing you to carry less pans.

The detachable handles not only help storage but enable them to be used within a conventional oven if needed and allow you to achieve results like this .

Double skillet pan being used as cookware in our motorhome

The two pans can be used separately, clipped together as a mini oven or layered one above the other which is ideal for cooking meat or fish in the lower pan while the upper pan cooks or steams the vegetables.

Double skillet as a frying panDouble skillet as a stacked panDouble skillet working hard as an oven

Our poor hardworking double skillet, has seen some action

Now tell me why we ever worried that two gas rings wouldn’t be enough ?


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