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More than just surfers in Nazaré, Portugal

Verity the Volkswagen has gone back to her surfing roots, she is settled into the Uber peaceful OHAI Nazaré resort, she is nestled between the pine trees, with the crashing waves in background (N 39.6205, W 9.05636)

Nazaré may be famous for its waves, but the old town still packs a punch. While the main part of town is a little touristy, the older part is a much quieter and altogether more charming spot to soak up some great views.

After a long downhill walk from the campsite, all 40 minutes were downhill ! We reached the stunning beach area at the bottom,

To visit the old part of Nazaré, that’s bursting with character, you can get there by taking the funicular or the stairs. If you decide to use the latter, keep in mind that it’s a really steep climb.

The Funicular itself dates back to a steam-powered version from the late 19th century, and since then it’s been modernised. The ride is a short but very scenic one, and it runs from top to bottom and vice versa every 15 minutes and costs €2.50 for the ride up!

Once at the top you’ll be greeted by truly spectacular views from the viewpoints over orange roofed buildings, as well as out into the beautiful big blue ocean.

There is also the chapel of Ermida da Memoria, the church of The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré

Every winter from October to March Nazaré attracts big wave surfers from all around the world turning this little fishing village into a bustling surf town with the bravest or craziest trying to catch the biggest waves !

The statue, named Veado was placed on the headlands in 2016 and honors the legend of Nazaré as well as the town’s legendary status as the home to some of the best surfing and biggest waves in the world.


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  • Christopher Pease

    We will visit in May when at Sao martino de porto. Foz de alero is worth a visit just south of sao martino do porto


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