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Michele Gives Calpe the thumbs down !

From our overwintering campsite in Denia, Spain we have the opportunity to get out and explore a little, this time with a bus (the tram line is under renovation) to the Holiday resort of Calpe a few Km down the road.

Calpe and its iconic rock, the Penon de Ifach — the symbol of the whole Costa Blanca and the main motif of all postcards

It is a very popular tourist resort, especially with British and German tourists, and also has a large expat community.

Mass tourism began in the 1970s, leading to the rampant development of tracts of holiday homes, with high-rise apartment buildings built right on the main beaches

There are many beautiful beaches in Calpe also, so you won’t be short of sandy space where you can soak up the sizzling Spanish winter sun.

Levante beach and Arenal-Bol beach are the two main beaches near the town and not only are they very large but they consist of soft golden sand. 

Next to the town’s old fishing port is a stylish marina where you can book a boat ride along the coast. Head out onto the water enjoy the views from the sea or sail along the shore to visit one of the nearby resorts such as Benidorm.

In the salt lake you can see various birds, one of the most striking being the flamingo, as well as vegetation unique to this peculiar ecosystem, sadly for us the flamingoes where head down and feeding….

Up the hill, is The Old Town features some lovely historic sights including the old walls of the town and also the Iglesia Vieja Curch.

But for us, when all your greeted with are British OAPs on holiday, eating English Breakfast was not what he have headed to Spain For !

I Imagine that if you had come for a fortnight holiday in the sun the resort would be stunning and amazingly pretty, with enough activities to entertain even the most awkward, but for Michele and I, it didn’t cut it.

That said we will go back again, as it is a favourite among other travellers, so did Calpe have a bad day, or did we have a bad day – a second vist is needed to confirm it !

Anyone got a list of must see place in Calpe, please leave them on the comments below !


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