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Meeting the Motoroamers

Paloma has not moved an inch, but she has company !  We are still perched on the cliff side, overlooking the tranquil lapping Blacksea (N 43.621700 E28.572290)

Paloma and scobbie motorhomes at the sea side
When I first chucked the idea of taking off around Europe into the daily conversation sometime last year Michele warmed to the idea slowly, but started to check out others who had done the same thing. Joining Facebook Groups, following blogs and the such like. Early on she came across a funny chap who was creating short, entertaining vblogs, as they had only recently set off on their travels in a motorhome.

Fast forwards a few months and the now digital friends are making their way back across the continent from Greece as we make our way down….

A few messages later and it looks like we should cross each other paths sometime……

So as we sit by our Bulgarian beach, a message pops up ” Hey Guys we are at Cape Kaliakra, just north of Varna ” – a check of the map and we now both know that probably less than 40km lies between us……

Ourleapoffaith view over the Black Sea
A few more messages, and it looks like we’re staying put another night and Digital friends, would soon be turning into real human beings……

Digital nomads, Myles and Karen Davies from Motoroaming ( click for another great blog) , stopped by for a quick drink and a chat, now me being me, I am always a bit secpital about meeting ones heroes in real life.

Hellos said, a descsion that we all needed a beer, so we pile into the restaurant next door, a couple,of drinks turns into lunch, then the enevitable swapping of tip,tricks and travel stories.

At this point I must apologise, when they arrived Myles and Karen where having a drink and then moving on, but as time ticked on, another beer was ordered and then she asked him that million dollar question “shall we just stay here” – umm man with beer and no plan to be anywhere, he was going nowhere!

After lunch and back at the vans, chairs came out and it turned out to be a fascinating afternoon come late night, with an excellent pasta supper cooked by Karen and some fine scotch that Myles had been given after returning a lost wallet.

Conversations turned to people’s personalities, with me beeing described as an extrovert, I never seen my self like that, yes I like people, speaking to groups isn’t a problem, but me an extrovert…….

Now I should know better !! 

In the digital world we live in, and in my past  work life meeting someone new, for the first time, whether that be supplier, client, potential hire, a quick google should chuck up some big clues about them. I wish I had bother to do this with Karen, it wasn’t until fairly late in the evening that I came across the fact that she is a life coach, teaching people how to find their inner happy. 

Having fought off stress and depression last year by throwing myself into project travel Europe, 

here I am already discovering my own inner happy, but is travel going to be the answer I don’t know, 

Karen I will be back with questions that’s for sure !


P.S. the snorkel got its first outing since the Caribbean!!

Team ourleapoffaith snorkelling off the coast of Bulgaria

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