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Marburg and its Medieval Charm

The lure of medieval charm and cobblestone streets has dragged us kicking and screaming to Marburg, a captivating town nestled in the heart of Germany.

Marburg, with its winding lanes, half-timbered houses, and imposing castle perched atop a hill, feels like stepping straight into a Brothers Grimm fairytale.

Oh, that right Rhodes writers of the fairy tales we’ve been following….

And what better way to explore this enchanting town than from the comfort of our own rolling home?

Alma, our Adria Vision Motorhome has once again found a spot on another perfect Germany stelkaplatz, located just beside the river in Marburg.

The weather has taken a turn and it’s Baltic! The weather app is showing minus 8 as the day time temperature, but that’s not going to stop us exploring this gem !

With Alma parked snugly, we set off on foot, eager to soak in the town’s rich history.

The aroma of freshly baked bread wafts from quaint cafes as we weave through the labyrinthine streets. Half-timbered buildings, adorned with colorful flowers, whisper stories of centuries past.

The cobblestones beneath our feet have witnessed the tread of scholars, merchants, and pilgrims for over 800 years.

The Marburg Rathaus was constructed between 1527 and 1529 in the late Gothic style. It is located in the heart of the old town, on the Marktplatz (Market Square), surrounded by other historic buildings and landmarks.

No visit to Marburg is complete without conquering the iconic Elisabethkirche, a towering Gothic masterpiece.

We wind our way up the steep Schlossberg, past the Landgrafenschloss, a formidable castle that once housed German nobility.

Reaching the summit, we’re rewarded with breathtaking panoramas of the town and the sprawling valley beyond.

As our time in Marburg and Germany itself draws to a close, we bid farewell to this captivating country with a heavy heart.

But as we steer Alma onto the open road, we carry with us not just memories, but a renewed sense of wonder.

This journey, fueled by the freedom of our motorhome, has been an enchanting escape into a world of medieval charm and fairytale magic.

And as we drive off into the sunset we set off compass on a true favourite, the land of the fresh baguette’s and Croissants, mythical home of ‘le campingcar’ France .


2 thoughts on “Marburg and its Medieval Charm

  • Ronald Davies

    Another interesting insight into a little known gem. Thanks for sharing your adventures x

    • Glad you have enjoyed the Germany stuff it’s a really interesting country


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