Man flu and new country nerves

Ok I’m officially going to die !

I woke up feeling like death warmed up, man flu has arrived

The Man-Flu is like the flu that ladies get, except it’s far more deadly and severe, causing you to be down and out for the count for 24-96 hours. The survival rate is 100% but it is still the worst sickness anyone could ever endure.

In my fathers wisdom the best way to avoid mixing alcohol and drugs is to take them together !

So a few pills washed down by a few large glasses of Lidl’s finest ‘mother ruin’ ( Italian version as the French one is €5 more!) and I start to fell a little better.

So we have hot footed it along the toll road ! Yep I know normally I wouldn’t but we actually covered 250km really quickly leaving us on the France- Spain boarder in Le Boulou on the official aire (N42.527220 E2.837220)

A great journey keeping the snow capped mountains in sight almost all the way.

And at a cost of €32.90 it saved nearly two hours of driving according to the sat nav.

It’s a lovely little town, with a few shop and nice for a walk about, although I guess having watched other vans come and close themselves up for the night not many go for an explore past the hyper market along the road.

Just behind us is a beautiful river with a great path to walk in the peace of valley with Fred dog.

So not feeling like doing much leads to us having a long chat and Michele tells me how each time we go to another country the nerves kick in

But why?

I’ll be honest we have traveled to some odd places and crossed into countries with different currencies, different languages and even different alphabets so I don’t get the issue

Its only Spain …….

But in Michele’s perspective

Travel usually means heading to a destination you haven’t been to before. So, along with the excitement of new experiences and memories right around the corner, travel can mean change and a step out of your comfort zone.

Of course it’s going to feel weird, but with unfamiliarity come tests.
With tests comes learning, and with learning – the development and progression of you as a person.

So a very positive experience
Arriving in a new country to unfamiliar surroundings, and more often than not a new language too, can be overwhelming.

So my free advise is don’t try to overcome emotion, just find ways to deal with it and don’t let it shadow your excitement too much.

The rest of the gin …….

And eventually the bigger question

What happens if things go wrong ? 

Unfortunately things can go wrong, and sometimes they might but you’re only a plane ride away.

But if something was to happen unexpectedly, most Travel Insurance will cover your flight home. Failing that, you can always purchase a flight home.

So should we have come ? 

There is NO wrong thing in life. The only wrong thing would be to not pursue a dream or a desire that is lurking within you.


Bonus pic – it’s English week in the supermarket

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9 thoughts on “Man flu and new country nerves

  • You’ll be fine… after your travels through Eastern Europe, Spain will be a doddle! We were in Spain (and Portugal) from Feb to May this year and we’ll be going back for more!

    • Shellthecobbler

      I’m sure it will be fine- Michele just panics not sure why !
      Safe travels

    • Shellthecobbler

      Ah – Barts do make the best hats ……. hopefully it will be returned to the cupboard for a while now

      Paul and shell x

      • We’re in Croatia and heading slowly down to Greece … thermal vest has made an appearance!

        Europe weather map keeps showing Spain as wall to wall sunshine and the Balkans with storms … got the wrong year to be heading this way, methinks! Ho hum.

        • Shellthecobbler

          But Greece is so lovely – I think we both left a little piece of our hearts down there…. enjoy

          • Shellthecobbler

            Enjoy !

  • Chris and Peter

    All new things and experiences… well, yes they are so exciting even experienced travellers can get a bit nervous. Oh, I love tbat hat too.
    I have been reading your posts ( or wanted to read them) but they always end up in my spam… Do not know why, you are the only ones up there, and I do follow quite a few bloggers. Never mind I know now…


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