Lazy Sunday afternoon- got no mind to worry……

There it was!  

I stood at the edge of the pebble beach and marvelled at the scenery. It was one of those unforgettable travel moments.

The Greek dream I’ve read and heard so much about and finally… I’m here! 

Stretching from below me to the distant horizon was the blue expanse of the Gulf of Corinth

Just a few short meters of pebbles separated Paloma and us from the beautiful ocean.

The somewhat sleepy seaside town of Marathias ( N38.38948 E22.006047) provided us with a perfect spot to while away the day swimming in warm warm sea and basking in the golden sun.

Anyone missing the sounds of sea, have a watch of this slice of heaven……

Being a Sunday and being a Brit I was craving a Sunday roast (well it’s been almost 5 months)

I know I have always said that I can cook anything in our trusty Double Skillet (read my blog about it Here) but with the lump of pork ( well it was a choice of pork or chicken) cooking away how was I going to make Yorkies ?

The Cadac came to the rescue, the method for anyone fancying a go :

Heat the flat plate 

Place egg ring onto plate and half fill with oil

Allow oil to get smoking hot 

Pour in mixture

Turn half way through

Enjoy ! 

As the evening past we looked at the changing colours of the sky and the sea as the sun set. The sky was illuminated with shades of crimson and orange whilst the sea turned to a shimmering gold. Across the gulf I could see the twinkling light of the Peloponnese…


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday afternoon- got no mind to worry……

  • Love your attempt at yorkies, we have a cadac so did you take any pictures of how they turned out?

    • Shellthecobbler

      They tasted fantastic, just look a little flat …… but they will be many more goes at these as it was super easy …..


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