Landsberg am Lech – Germany’s romantic road

Leaving the hustle of city life, we head along the river bed until we rejoin Germanys romantic road. For this leg of our  motorhome road trip we are only traveling about 40km, but once again the scenic route takes us through some some stunning villages and provides beautiful vistas to gaze upon.

Today we are heading towards Landsberg am Lech.

Reportably founded by “Henry the Lion” this historic town can trace its roots back for over the last 800 years. The main heart of the town is located against the amazing backdrop of views and sounds of the river Lech.

Our expectations for this was of a pretty little town on the riverside, but how wrong we were.

Paloma is parked up in the towns  official motorhome parking area, where we can stay for €7 a night. The parking has space for 8 vans but as I type this there are at least 11 vans, you’ve got to love the Europeans as they are happy to park anywhere safe.

A short stroll in towards the town and then we are hit with a magnificent entrance tower.

Landsberg entrance gate

A castle ruin on the hill side and probaly one of the prettiest markets Squares so far.

Strangely enough I was a shoe repairer a long long time ago and still have an idol curiosity in all such things, now this little German town has not just a shoe repairer, who’s shop looked like a stunning museum of tools from a bygon age, not like the noise, dirty shop I once owned . But the town also has a traditional shoe maker !

A little further on we stop for a glass of procesco by the thundering weir and marveled at the surrounding stunning beauty.

Spying an intresting looking tower the other side of the river we cross and go for a look.

After a while we follow the river back towards Paloma.

Considering we expected very little we were treated to a brilliant day out, this place is a must on any romantic road journey.


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