Kala Nera – Greece

We realised today that we’ve already spent three weeks in Greece and haven’t got very far down, so over the next couple of days we need to stop with the 40 and 50 Km drives and put a few miles down….

In need of a rest day, after the long hike in Visok Gorge and then some very busy days in Meteroa, but still mindful of the need to get a move on we headed out towards the coast, and the slightly less developed coast of The Pelion.

The Pelion benefits from miles of undulating coastline, the beaches whilst calm lead you in a sense of security that is quickly taken away once you see the jagged western shores as they are wild with turquoise waters.

Our chosen base was to be the harbour in Kala Nera, a pretty little seaside village, boasting sunshine, sand and the beauty of fishing boats (N39.307761 E23.112424).

Taking our time to walk into the village, enjoying the sumptuous 32 dregree weather, we were presented with what can only be described as heaven for a seaside town, no complexs, no high rises, no noisey beach bars, just laid back chilled out perfection…….

Nowhere better to unwind !

Oh and a stunning sunset !

And what could be better than a sunset then the most golden moon possible luminating the night sky.


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