Job day – but you won’t find a better place!- Greece

Boring post for all the travel buffs, but we can’t fill everyday with sightseeing…..

Paloma has travelled a few more Km up the Greek coast, stopping off along the way at the beautiful harbour of Lechaina Port (N37.963865 E21.23691)

Really what more could anyone ask, a spot directly next to the water, on a level hard standing with water and bins on site all for nothing ! 

Ourleapoffaith view of Lechaina Port Greece
We do try and fit all the boring stuff into one day a week and sadly today was that day …..

Job one :- stop for fuel, our cheapest fill in Greece so far at €1.17 per litre

For sado’s like me we are getting around 28mpg which for a van of this age and size is pretty good !

But when we had emptied the shelves, we did spot this stunning creature in the Carpark, now how much I wonder?

Motorhome envy in Lidl car park Greece
Job two:- weekly shop in Lidls, somethings in Greece  are cheap as chips, but others …..

A roll of tin foil nearly €3, I don’t think so !
Job three:- washing.

Up until now we have used a cross over between launderettes and good old fashion hand washing. But in the future we will never need to find a launderette ever again!

We wash everything ourselves and very easily. 

Socks & pants are never a problem, but jeans & jumpers, towels and bedding, ….,,

Umm from now on, you’ve guessed it, it isn’t a problem.

We didn’t invent this system but purely stole it from Our Bumble, check out full instructions Here

All that is  required are one or two stackable boxes with good clip on lids
Fill the box with a little water  add about half a cap of detergent.

Throw in your dirty clothes and make sure everything is nicely wet with the washing water and  bash the clothes about a bit.

Leave the clothes soaking whilst you drive to your next destination and the motion of the vehicle will agitate the water and washing.

Wring out the dirty clothes. to remove all that dirty water. 

Ditch the dirty water 

Put the now clean clothes in fresh water, rinse and wring out…

Your washing is now done , happy days 

Job four:- a couple of days ago we lost our marker lights on the top of the van,

Check fuse – ok

Check blubs – both ok

So the simple checks out the way I consulted the orical that is Ford transit org and after reading loads of forum posts it looked like it could be the light switch ….

As the headlamps are switched through a relay, but the dash lights and market lights are switched directly via the stalk switch. 

Thankfully you do not need to remove the steering wheel, just remove the switch and detach the connector. 

Paloma from ourleapoffaith dash in bits
Examining the connector carefully. I suspected that the  female contacts are discoloured from overheating. 

I cleaned it as much as possible and closed the contacts with needle-nose pliers. 

Trying a small amount of ‘contact cleaner’. Hoping that this connector may well be the problem, not the switch itself. 

Paloma from ourleapoffaith light switch
Hey presto it turns out that the contact is not adequate for the amount of current drawn by the lights, over a long period of time.

With what time of the day was left we wandered the coast line, 

Disused sun shades at Lechaina Port Greece
Are these really houses ? - Lechaina Port Greece
enjoying the storm building overhead …..

Rain at Lechaina Port Greece

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